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    Hello all! Just wanting to know if anyone else out there enjoys the Seinfeld television series? I absolutely adore it! One of my favorite shows of all time! One of my favorite quotes is from Jerry in "The Voice" episode, "Breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can't do it in one push. You gotta rock it back and forth a few times, and then it goes over." Does anybody else have any quotes that they love from Seinfeld? A favorite episode or character? Let's talk about it!

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    The "Fusilli Jerry" episode...... "Million to one shot, doc...million to one!"

    Or the one with the talking belly friends and I still quote that one XD.... "La-la-laaaa, I'm all covered in oilllllll.... I'm as slippery as a seeeaaaal!"

    ...I guess these quotes aren't funny unless you've seen the clips....but if you have, they're hilarious!

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    You double dipped that chip, you never double dip a chip! You might as whole just put your whole mouth in the bowl!

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    Seinfeld is the best! It must be preserved for future generations to learn from. A Comedy of Manners for the Modern Era. Ever since to digital swich-over I haven't goten my daily dose of Seinfeld. I have no quotes.

    "The ocean called, they're out of shrimp!"
    >"well... the Jerk Store called, they're out of you!"
    >>"So what? You're their biggest seller!"

    "Wow, you have lost a lot of hair."

    I remembered a couple of exchanges here

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    One quote I always use in my every day life: "I AM AWARE!!" - George in many episodes.

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    "This was supposed to be the SUMMER OF GEORGE!!"

    George has a lot of famous angry lines...

    < I cheated and google the next one >

    "You have no idea of the magnitude of this thing. If she is allowed to infiltrate this world then George Costanza as you know him ceases to exist. You see, right now I have Relationship George. But there is also Independent George. That's the George you know, the George you grew up with... Movie George, Coffee Shop George, Liar George, Bawdy George."

    "I love that George."

    "Me too, and he's dying. If Relationship George walks through this door, he will kill Independent George. A George divided against itself cannot stand!"


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    I love Seinfeld, haven't watched it in awhile though. The Soup Nazi is by far my favorite lol.

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    Seinfeld is the shit! Really looking forward to the Curb Your Enthusiasm "reunion" in a few weeks. I can work Seinfeld quotes into so many real life situations....hard finding other "young people" who can relate :/

    My favorite episode by far is Yada Yada.
    "Listen to this. Marcy comes over and she tells me that her ex-boyfriend was over late last night and 'yada yada yada I'm really tired today.' You don't think she'd yada yada sex?"
    "I've yada yada'd sex."
    "Yeah. I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to my place, yada yada yada, I never heard from him again."
    "But you yada yada'd over the best part."
    "No, I mentioned the bisque."

    My the house party know "Did the Dingo eat your baby?" is pretty cool too. Gotta love The Parking Garage too."It's amazing how shopping makes me have to go. How does my bladder know I'm in a department store?"

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