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Thread: What do You do in Your Footies?

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    Default What do You do in Your Footies?

    If you have footie pajamas, what do you do while wearing them? I got my new jumpinjammerz Thursday. I spent the whole weekend playing Spore in my footies!

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    When I got mine I spent of my time sitting around chatting in them, they were perfect for those cold mornings

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    What kind did you get from jumpinjammerz?

    When it's not summer (aka, it's cool enough to wear them and not sweat) I do lots in them. Some days, I'll wear them around my apartment until I'm ready to go out. Some evenings I'll change into them if I'm not planning to go out later on. And of course, I sleep in them every night when it's cool enough... they're just so damn cozy

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    I run around my apartment building like a madwoman, no lie. xD I live in student housing, so the whole building is full of girls.

    So I enjoy visiting my neighbors in my footy pajamas. They all think it's a hoot. And I get lots of, "Aw, you're so cute!" which totally makes me feel lil. Which is fun.

    I'm more of an exhibitionist than I thought. :P But because I'm a girl, footy pajamas aren't that weird, I guess.

    Other than being crazy and showing off, I love sleeping in them!

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    i ussually lunge around in my sleeper on weekends, especially if i got nothing to do. weekdays aswell just till i get ready and dressed for work. and of course when ever else i feel lazy and pupish

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    At this time of the year I wear them to bed, I put them on just after I shower, and as it gets colder I spend more and more time in mine.

    For example I go to lunch everyday at 11 am I usually just wear them untill I decide to leave, sometimes I just put my nylon track pants over them and go and leave them on all day.

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    I wear mine nearly all the time in my house when its winter. Unless someone is coming over or I am heading out I'll be in my sleeper for the most part. I'll also sleep in it every chance I get.

    You would not believe how comfy it is to be in a footed sleeper with a large plushie next to a wood burning stove in the dead of winter. The only thing that makes it better is if your diapered (if you like that sort of thing.)

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    If I've got nothing on the day after when I wake up, I'll usually stay in them and watch TV or go on the internet or something.

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    I am right there with you, Charlie!! I want cold weather to get here so bad, so I can break them out again!!

    I like to sit around before bed in them, watching a good movie & drinking hot chocolate!! It's so nice & relaxing to do that!! ^_^

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    Usually just... sleep! XD Really though, they help me get to sleep really, really quick.

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