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Thread: Incontinence in the Workplace

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    Default Incontinence in the Workplace

    I saw that the other thread was closed, and I'm not trying to start a fuss, I just wanted to share my experiences.

    Basically, there's a choice you make when you wear in the workplace. There's two ways to approach it. You can either wear something highly absorbant like cloth diapers or an Abena X Plus, giving you the option of being able to work a full 8-hour can wear something more discreet and bring along diapers with you to change into during the day when necessary. Both of these options have their pros and cons. For instance, if you choose to wear a highly absorbant diaper, you're most likely going to be bulging in your pants by the end of the day from all of the puffing, making your chances of someone noticing increase. On the other hand, you could then wear a more discreet diaper to work and change in the bathroom, but changing in a public restroom is a hassle, and if you've never done so, you will learn it is a challenge for a couple of reasons. One, some people have a hard time getting padded while standing, so you might want to get some practice doing this in the comfort of your own home before venturing off into public. Two, getting padded in a public restroom means that you are changing in privacy visually, but people can still hear the crinkling of the plastic, and the removing/securing of your tapes, etc. To me, that's the hardest aspect of changing in a public restroom. You need to either wait for people to flush and leave before you continue, or just get lucky and be the only person using the bathroom. You might be 90% through the changing process and have your diaper spread out inbetween your legs ready to tape it up and bam, someone walks in the bathroom to take a shit......Shit!....Now you have to wait for them to do their business, (which stinks), and wastes your time possibly making you look bad to your employers for taking such a long restroom break. Unless of course you're not concerned with the idea of taping up your diaper with someone you might know sitting in the stall directly next to you. Changing in the workplace makes the other option a better choice, but again, you're risking being noticed with all the extra padding. An Abena X Plus might be discrete in the beginning of the work day, but you'll be quite puffy when you punch out at five.

    I'd also like to point out a good point that Sulli made in the previous topic. If you're working manual labor in construction, etc....(Moving around, bending up and down, running)...Over the course of the day, this can and will destroy the performance factor of your disposables. The padding will break off the front and get clumped into the center, making you much more prone to leaks, (especially if you plan on sitting down during your lunch break). If you're working a job where you're constantly moving and doing the activities stated above, you might either want to consider cloth, or bringing diapers to change into during the course of the day. A highly absorbant disposable might not be your best bet.

    If anyone else has any experience with this, please post your strategy and experiences.

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    I like my old place of work, it was t hat if I had to be changed I could just wait until lunch and drive the mile to my house and change there. Being a teacher its pretty hard to wear to work because the diaper have to be very discreet so the students don't know x.x

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    Butterfly Mage


    There are also varying degrees of incontenence. Someone with a bit of a "dribble" won't need an Abena xPlus.

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    Or if you sweat, you can get away with minimal protection if you don't drink excessively. I can get through a workday with only a depend pullup, and I usually don't wet it until near the end of my shift when I rehydrate myself the most. I wasted an Abena X-Plus my first day on the job because I never had to go until near the end.

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    the last time i wore to work was last year and i used a cloth diaper with stuffer and plastic pants, about half way though the day i needed to change, a quick run home to change i only leaked a wee bit, but into a new one and back to work before my lunch was over. it was a nice experience but it's really annoying worrying about leaks

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    I wear to work quite often. I usually wear something like an Attends, Secure Plus, or Prevail Overnight. I wear loose fitting clothes to hide the bulk, and plastic pants to prevent leaks. I ALWAYS have a couple extra diapers in my car. If I need to change during the work day, then I will go to the McDonalds or Convenient store nearby and change during lunch or afternoon break. I have never been "discovered" or leaked at work, but I am also very cautious with my clothing selections. As far as changing "in public" I could care less what other people think if I am behind closed doors changing my diaper. It's really not that big of deal, and I haven't had anyone ever say something to me.


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    I know where all (well a lot) of the single (private-one person...or family) bathrooms are in my area. They are actually quite a few stores with them. They are nice because they are lockable so there is no chance of being interrupted.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Usually I wear the Molicare Super (the really thin version, not the super thick version). The thin ones I wear for practical reasons (mild incontinence) whereas the thicker ones I wear when not at work.

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    I have been wearing diapers to work for many years due to my urge incontinence. I can't keep track of all the thousands of times I've changed in a public restroom. AND, I really hate the nastiness of public restrooms. I take in a hip-pack or back-pack with my supplies and don't let anything touch the floor, change and get out. It's really quite easy. Also, I've gotten over the thought of others in the same bathroom while I'm changing in a stall thinking " sounds like Jimmy in there is changing his diaper"

    I guess because I've always had frequent bladder and bowel episodes, I can't really fathom wearing the same diaper all day. It's rather impossible for me to do that without having an extreme mess on my hands not to mention the toll that would take on my skin. Anyway, I go through about three diapers during the work day, sometimes four.

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    But do you wear plastic disposables? Paper-backed disposables? Don't you get self conscious removing/applying the tapes? The sound is quite distinct with plastic disposables... You can't really hear it as much with the paper-backed ones. But I guess I could get to the point where I wouldn't care if people heard me, but only If I was working in a large office building with many people.

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