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Thread: College and High School Advice Thread!

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    Default College and High School Advice Thread!

    So, a recent IRC chat and a couple of 'yay's convinced me that there is a need amongst the ADISC community for college admissions and high school academic advice!

    I'm Izzy - I've gotten into every school this side of Continental Europe and currently go to Yale. I can help

    That sounded really pretentious and I'm sorry, but anyway - any ADISC TBs or even ABs have questions, I can haz answers!

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    My name is Res, I can tell you from experience what NOT to do in school.

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    Do not break the sink in the boys bathroom. (yes I did do that)

    Do not miss 90+days of school because you are sick.

    Any tips for people applying to college?

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    While I didn't get into the very top schools like Izzy (I was rejected from Harvard, MIT, and CalTech), I did get into all of schools one sub-tier down that I applied to (Rice, UC Berkeley, others). I also wasted way too many hours reading College Confidential during my senior year.

    I'm NutFreeFruitcake and I can help too

    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Any tips for people applying to college?
    Since there's so much to be said, without direction as to what to address, I start off by giving the tip that would have helped me most:

    -Figure out how you're going to pay for college before you start looking at different colleges to apply to.

    If your family is lower class or upper class, money isn't much of a factor (the better the college, generally the better their need-based aid, and they pretty much all throw tons o' money at lower class students, plus you qualify for all kinds of subsidizes loans, grants, and need-based scholarships; upper-class parents can pay full boat without it being a problem).

    If you're in the middle class like me, then congratulations, you're about to become a lab rat for the bow-tie effect - you'll find that need-based aid packages are nice, but short serious merit aid, they'll come far short of making college "affordable" (and either you or your parents will be taking on loans that are financially unwise). Generally, the closer you are to middle middle class, the more important it is to apply to what I call "financial safeties", or schools that are of a sub-tier low enough below what you could get into that they will give you significant merit aid. Depending on the state, state schools are either the best bargain in the world or are barely better price-wise then private universities.

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    I agree with NutFree here - you really should have an idea of what your financial situation is and also, the tier system of colleges.

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    Am I the only one staying up all night despite having hardly any homework?

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    What to do in high school: take honors classes in subjects you're good at! trust me it helps!! XD

    what NOT to do: sleep in class no matter how boring the subject in. I found myself many times laying my head down on the desk thinking "If I just close my eyes I can still hear what she says, I'll remember it....*asleep*" Then you get homework and you have no clue how to do it! XD it's not very fun. trust me X.x;; nearly failed a math class I NEEDED to graduate because of it. x.x;;;

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    I'm going to be in the poor as crap bracket when I start college.(got to love min wage.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Am I the only one staying up all night despite having hardly any homework?
    If you have already realized that I'm posting this at 3.56 AM my time, then you have an answer to that. =)

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    In Soviet high school, lots of vagina gets YOU!

    In Soviet university, retarded fuckwits don't get in. In the USA (and in the UK, from what I'm seeing), they do. The trick is that it NEVER gets better--one reason why I kept coming back was to figure out when the fuckwits would fail or drop out. Unfortunately, that's not yet happened, and I'm at the top of this food chain.

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