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Thread: Hello Res Here

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    Default Hello Res Here

    Hello, my name is Res. Some babyfurs might know me and if anyone was on the old diaper-boy site they might also know me. I am a pretty laid back wolf and easy to talk to. So hi.

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    Hey Res!

    I think you'll like it here, we definitely run a lot closer than diaper-boys but you can be as much or as little involved as you really want. Babyfurs are a pretty significant group here so you'll fit right in there. I see you've already started posting around a little bit - great, keep it up! And of course, welcome to ADISC!

    So what do you spend your free time doing?


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    Also I will do my best not to date the staff members this time x,x

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    This be Res? Of course it is!

    Hiya Res. Welcome to the Community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Res View Post
    Also I will do my best not to date the staff members this time x,x
    Hi Res! Lo Res! Okay now I've got that out of my system... Well, I have managed, so far, not to not date any staff members... so you should not find it a temptation, touch wood, wait, no, that's not what I meant... Anyway, let me welcome you here:

    I am, humbly, your frivolous raccoon.

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    "giggles softly shyly wags"

    welcome res and nice to see you come back to the online community, that happened long ago and really i not on that site anymore thanks so a certain some people.

    welcome again and hope u have a good time

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    Hihi and welcome

    I remember you from diaper-boys as well. I think we both joined around the same time...

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    Welcome to ADISC Res! Do you have any interests or hobbies.

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    Yea, I love to read and write, listen and write music as well as play video games and RP.

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