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Thread: South Park

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    Default South Park

    Simple : Who watches it, Do you like the show or not, etc.

    For those who haven't heard of the show, which I doubt :

    Has every signle episode, just pick one at random. (This is atually a good link for South Park fans anyways!)

    So, disscuss?

    (If this is in the wrong section, my apologies. Please move. Delete the link too if it's considered wrong to put it here for any reason.)

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    South Park rocks. I actually discovered this site probably 6 months ago and have watched almost every single episode now haha. I dunno, when I was younger all I saw was the toilet humor and such, but now revisiting it like 10 years later I see all the good stuff haha. I can't believe it's in its 12th season now. That's great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    south park roxors my boxors ^^
    Don't you mean diapers?

    My mommy and daddy don't let me watch it so I wait intil they go to bed and watch it on YouTube. ^^.

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    I love South Park! They make fun of all the Political crap out there, and do in funny, witty ways! Not to mention a cast of interesting characters that have their own agendas.. What can be better?

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    South Park rocks!

    I'm in the process of watching the latest episodes, as they don't air on German TV any time soon (takes them a while to do the German voiceovers).


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    It's cool but I rarely watch it.

    I hate voiceovers. they spoil those kinds of things most of the time.

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    I've only seen a few episodes of it to be honest...

    One about Bono being a poo...
    One where the fat one's hand becomes someone, a celebrity I think. I wasn't really paying attention.
    And last night I think I saw one about Guitar hero (and "heroin hero").

    So yeah, it's a pretty weird show. I guess it's funny, it's just never on at a good time.

    For some reason I have the movie on DVD which I like. It reminds me of primary school (because that's when it came out, not because me and my friends were like the characters ).

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    Big fan here. I've watched it since around the 2nd season. I remember, because that's when I learned you could download realplayer files (~35mb) of actual TV shows! and watch them on your computer! (wowee!) lol. It was either that or wait about a year to see the episodes that people were talking about online...stupid Canadian TV

    Anyway, the show used to be just little kids swearing and doing the most unheard of things (for 8yo's, anyway) but it was still funny, just in a different way. Now Matt and Trey have taken it more topical and political, which has kept the show from going stale, and it's still as funny as ever. I've been a fan of pretty much everything those guys have made...even their college film "Cannibal: The Musical". If you like all their other stuff, watch's great

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