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Thread: symbols with meaning

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    Default symbols with meaning

    I was wondering... does anyone here use symbols to represent their interests?

    I've seen people use the AB/DL symbol, the pawprint symbol, and other symbols, to express their identity an interests.
    Some symbols are obvious (like a police badge), other symbols less so (like a math symbol that shows you're a geek).

    Lots of people walk around with branded clothes.

    But... how many of you customize your appearance with symbols that mean something to you?

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    A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let speculation take it's course... although there is a story behind it.

    And what about you, Moo? You shouldn't be dodging your own thread!

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    I used to wear a diaper pin in the pocket of my jeans.
    It seemed like a good covert way to let people "in the know" about what I am..though it's pretty obscure, I realize

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear a pentacle an an emblem of my faith. To me, the butterfly is a symbol of positive, life-affirming transformation, so I incorporated that idea into my avatar. It's also part of my ritual wand.

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    Other than general poor taste in what I would like to wear. Or more accurate, just don't give a damn wether the top matches with my pants. Just something that is paratcial, Like warm in winter, and a tshirt in summer etc... Pants that can dry easy if it rains (e.I. no jeans/denim )

    But I have been thinking about creating a 'brand' for myself. So it's not like I want to form my own group of like minded folk, just that I like my own fashion over whats on the market. Maybe just another geek T-Shirt. Mine will relate more to Hardware than just computers. Or at least Digital Communications. On the Baseline and Media Layer (2nd one e.g. MAC).

    I won't give away the idea I have in mind, Don't really want myself to be identified as an individual. But Thinking about making it into some sort of cotton badge to sew on clothing. I like badges and sewing . That or a T-shirt or Jumper print on.

    Recently, I have got myself some 'geek' freebie clothing. I personally don't like the design. But I might wear it for a day or two and see what comments in pulls, especially around the computer and electronic Labs in Uni.

    Speaking of which, we still have yet to create a new logo for the Society being started at my uni for our school. My first attempt was Mediocre, but I tried to keep it simple and suit everyone's taste as well as fit in with our name. But it wasn't exactly original, but got the point across pretty quickly.

    So I've created them, but yet to wear them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moo View Post
    I was wondering... does anyone here use symbols to represent their interests?

    I've seen people use the AB/DL symbol
    There's an AB/DL symbol? Man I missed the memo on that one!

    I always thought a small white triangle pin would be a good symbol for DL at the very least.


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    Considering I'm not much into symbolism, I don't particularly like the idea of using an object or pictogram to "generalize" myself; although It does have its charms and makes for good table conversation if it isn't too awkward.
    I used to have several objects I carried around but none of them ever really stuck. I used to have an obsidian necklace (i used to be very much into geology and rock collecting, and obsidian--according to legend--brings good luck to me; although i lost the necklace ). I also had a kitty bell on my keychain for a while, but it made too much noise and got a little annoying
    I've also learned that--in the BDSM community--collars are used in a bit of a symbolical manner, but I've never really seen mine as such.
    Should I ever find a neat symbol though, with not too specific meaning, I might stick to it.

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    One of my favorite symbols is the cross. Once you see it, you automatically think of one thing: Jesus's death, Christianity, etc. Pretty powerful symbol when you think about it...

    See Spoiler:

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    There's an AB/DL symbol, in 4 years I haven't heard of this - moo, you must enlighten us. Although I wouldn't go round showing it in public, the risk of anyone finding what it meant is too great.

    Some symbols I like, but not because of any meaning attached, that's too much of a label, just because they appeal to me.

    If I have a symbol then it would be a certain number, (not saying it here in case it gives me away) it's like a lucky number but it's a bit more than that.

    EDIT: This is related to the topic, Moo what do the letters of the Greek alphabet mean? I notice the first is a capital and the last two are lower case, however I don't know if this is intentional.
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    The only thing I can think qualifies for me is my collar. It's the thing that makes me a bit unique where I am. It's a shortened black pleather collar that has a medium sized silver jingle bell hung from a necklace chain looped to an inch.
    The rest of my clothes are just jeans and typically some geek related t-shirt ^^!

    Psst... don't ask about the ab/dl symbol. You really don't open that pandora's box. It's been debated in the community since before many members in this community were in diapers the first time. It probably won't be settled anytime soon.

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