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Thread: Ethnicity?

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    Post Ethnicity?

    I decided to put this in the Mature section because I want Mature people talking about this.
    I was wondering whats your ethnicity? From what I hear and see, this lifestyle is LARGELY Caucasian dominated. I barely see any Hispanic or African Americans, or Asians if at all. I could be wrong, but its from my knowledge.
    Personally Im Caucasian.

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    Me too. :highfive:
    (Though I am also a ginger.)

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    Yeah, I've noticed that too. Of course, there are countless *B/DL's that I've never seen pictures of, and I'm sure there are some that I kind of assume are white as a default that actually aren't.

    However, I have seen pictures of *B/DL's of multiple races/ethnic backgrounds, so there is at least some mix.

    But a lot of it too has to deal with the representations of society as a whole. The US has some diversity, but it's a largely white country. I've heard Canada and Australia are both VERY white, and Europe is mostly white as well. So a lot of it is because we're one English speaking sites, and the countries represented aren't very diverse.

    I'm sure there are other ethnic backgrounds represented on Spanish speaking sites. I would also imagine there are a fair number of Asian sites. You'd think there'd be some African ones too, even though I know English is spoken in a fair number of African countries.

    But there definitely are a fair number of non-white *B/DL's, even though they certainly appear to be in the minority, at least on English speaking sites.

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    Well here ya go. Here's your muthafuckin hispanic.

    Didn't we have a poll about this like 3 or 4 months ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Well here ya go. Here's your muthafuckin hispanic.

    Didn't we have a poll about this like 3 or 4 months ago?
    Sorry if there was, I just wasnt a member then, in fact today was my first day

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    Just the emphasis of the topic at hand, and Welcome to ADISC! No harm needed to be done there.

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    It seems there have been ALL types represented here over the years from African American young girls to WASPS. I don't think ethinithicty is revelantant to A/TBDLism.
    If you really must know I'm American! Thats German, Irish, English, Scot, French-Canadian and native American mix.
    Yea, I'm a mutt!

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    I like to think that my ethnicity is human. We are all different, but how does pointing out the differences in where we came from help anything? When people go overboard with their ancestry and backgrounds, it usually leads to trouble. I mean, we're all people right? Why can't we just leave it at that?

    I'm having a hard time putting into words what I'm thinking, so this may not make sense. Also, this isn't an attack on anyone, so don't take it as such.

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