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Thread: Hellllllllllllo

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    Hello ADISCers!

    Heard through the grapevine this is the new place to be.

    Been around the scene for a while... first got into it in Boston when I was still in school there. (Thanks everyone!) Still like to go back from time to time (they have the best parties). Also got some friends in Cali from when I lived there but am in NYC these days.

    Anywho, been around the scene for a while as BADiaperBro and billydiap on a few other sites. Happy to chat with new peeps.


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    Welcome to the community. Look around, feel free to jump into the action

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    hope your time here is as enjoyable as mine has been!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope that you can enjoy this site as much as I do. Do you have any interests or hobbies?

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    Thank you everyone... I feel so welcome. <snuggles> Umm, into technology here, so spend WAY too much time with my computer. Also into hanging out, dinner, drinks, biking, kayaking, long walks... also getting out of the city. Lots really.

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    Heh, you sound a lot like my type and, indeed, a significant sector of ADISC's population: diapered geeks. I myself am a huge Linux geek and an avid network guru despite my age, a college freshman as of 6 days from now.

    If you haven't noticed, ADISC is kind of hypocritical, in the sense that people who use AB/DL usernames tend to find themselves at a disadvantage compared to others, in the sense that people don't see you as unique. This article might help you out a bit: Choosing a name

    That out of the way... you seem to be another of NEJay's new recruits. I've been curious myself, how all do these parties go? They sound like they're all the rage on the east coast AB/DL scene.

    Welcome to ADISC, and feel free to post around, drop by IRC sometime, and browse around the wiki. Have fun!


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    I'll go along with that: great to see another New Yorker. What direction draws you outside the city when you go?

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