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Thread: Anyone going to Rainfurrest 09??? Looking for a ab/dl friendly room & friends

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    Smile Anyone going to Rainfurrest 09??? Looking for a ab/dl friendly room & friends

    I'm planning on going to rainfurrest in SeaTac next month and was just wondering if there is anyone ab/dl going, or might have a spot in their room avaliable... And it would be great to meet & hang out with some ab/dl folks Just wondering! Thanks!

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    *sigh* I wish I could go to a furcon. I just can't drive, and don't have the money for it. My dream was to go to my first furry convention in a full fursuit. That would be about $ 2000 later. I suppose it would seem more possible when I'm older, have a job, and a car. I guess I gotta sit this one out. Plus, it's on the other side of the coast from me! So, good luck, and I hope you have fun.

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    Bummer, maybe next year Oh and as for a fursuit, you don't need to spend a lot of money, like $2000. Check out my post on furaffinity click here its about me making my first fursuit. I'm going pretty ellaborate but am planning on spending less then $200 total, and you can make them for less. You don't need to buy one, plus it's a ton of fun, and more personal if you make it yourself! Not to mention it's a great outlet to express yourself.

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    I honestly was considering that, however I would very much need a sewing machine. I love sewing, so that's not the issue, I just wouldn't know where to start. And the head! *intimidated*

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    I'm starting to fear I will be the only babyfur/lilfur there I was looking at some of last year's posts on the rainfurrest forum, and that sounded awesome; there were a bunch of babyfurs that went, and there was a big babyfur/diaper party from what I heard. That would be sooo awesome PLEASE!!! if there are any babyfurs going or thinking about going come and post on here!!!

    And if there is anyone going that is a ab/dl/babyfur/lilfur/furry that wears diapers, and has a hotel room with a spot to spare, I can pay for my share of a room and we can stay together

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    Well, I'm guessing if there were babyfurs there last year, there will be some here this year. Good luck!

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