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Thread: sleepingbags used like diapers

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    Question sleepingbags used like diapers

    I know this is a little different but I am wondering If there is anyone out there that has the same or a similar fettish. part of this fettish is to see a woman destroy the sleeping bag with her body.NO BLEEDING! but everthing else goes. Then, when the sleepingbag is no longer useful,I like to wach it get smashed in a garbage truck. I dont know why this turns me on but it does. is there anyone who can relate at all to this? As far as diapers are concerned I like to see them getting smashed on the soft part of the sleepingbag

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    You have made two posts about this and we don't know anything about you. Would you mind posting an introduction thread.

    Sorry to sound a killjoy, but if you start off going on and on about your fetish then people will get annoyed and ask you to do the same.

    I haven't heard of anyone with a similar fetish but hey, we're a rather mixed bunch. There might be someone with something similay here.

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    I am completly new to this so I'm Kind of shooting in the dark. How should I get started

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    If you haven't got a clue first read this. Then once you've done that, go here to post an introduction. (you'll need to click the 'new thread' button near the top.)

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    Thats deffinatly different.

    Don't even think that has a name.

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    You know, I'm beginning to notice some people are really into crushing of diapers and stuff.

    I'm just curious, I've seen some odd stuff on Flickr regarding diapers.

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    That's pretty wild

    Then, when the sleepingbag is no longer useful,I like to wach it get smashed in a garbage truck.
    So you watch that at a regular basis? And how in the world did you figure this out?

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