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  • iPod.

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  • Zune.

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Thread: What brand of MP3 player do you use?

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    Default What brand of MP3 player do you use?

    As the title asks. The poll options are simple, but feel free to elaborate in the response. I have a thick iPod Mini from 2005, and it's better than any of the new ones. Why? It's so thick, it's been stepped on by a huge person... and not damaged at all!

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    I got a 20 gig Ipod photo.

    though my PSP and DS can play MP3's as well. (I got a R4 flashcart for the my DS Lite/DSPhat.)

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    My iPod Touch is quite nice. But it's a bit of a everything device. Which I like, but is not for everyone. For a cheaper MP3 player that doesn't do other things, iriver are quite good (and despite the similar name, they're entirely unrelated to, and predate, iPods).

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    8gb iPod touch got it nearly half price than it was in the UK from Walmart in Florida a few years ago!

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    The minute I started to care about sound quality and started buying decent sound equipment, I needed a HDD player for lossless files. So I bought an iPod Classic.

    I think anyone who buys either a Nano or a Shuffle is burning money. Apple's lower-end players are 50-100% overpriced for what they are. I'd personally point a person looking for a player that simply plays mp3s in the direction of SanDisk, which price for pound seems to do the best for flash memory players.

    However, the higher end Apple players are reasonably priced. The iPod Touch/iPhone are more like modernized PDAs than music players. The Classic and the Zune are the same price and close in value - the Zune has more features but the iPod has a better interface and a whole cottage industry of accessories behind it - so it's a matter of preference.

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    I have one of the old 30gig Zunes. I'm such a dork, aren't I? D:

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    iPod ftw =]

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