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Thread: Bedwetter Bobby Here saying Hello

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    Wink Bedwetter Bobby Here saying Hello

    Please let me introduce myself.
    I started to bed wet after my parents divorce. Soon found myself back in night diapers, which I hated at first, began to like, then later loved. This was back in the 60's so cloth diapers and plastic panties were used. By the time I stopped wetting the die had been cast, so here I am looking for friends with similar interests. Would love to chat with all.
    Regards Bobby

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    Butterfly Mage


    Religion and politics are favorite topics of mine. What things are you interested in?

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    Welcome to ADISC. Check out the live chat if you feel like really talking!

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    I can be nudged, persuaded into faith-based chat, I spose... It is always nice to find another cloth and plastic pant afficionado... but yes, do tell us more, what brought you to this cozy little corner of the web...

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