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Thread: Hi everyone.

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    Default Hi everyone.

    I am Vince, and I subscribed here because it seems to have a lot of stuff here. Also the forum is all in english, and as it isn't my first language, I still need to improve it, looks like the right place.

    As a kid, I loved animals (still the case today ) and I'm very interested by the "hot to make fursuits" topics here. Always loved fur, and I don't know why

    Of course I like diapers, the thicker, the better! I'm mostly DL, but also a bit TB, as I discovered a few weeks ago. I also have other interests, such as electricity, collecting things, etc...

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    Welcome to the site, Tails. What kinda stuff do you like collecting? I collect coins myself.

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    Personnally I collect many things:

    - Glass insulators from telephone lines
    - Light bulbs and lamps from all eras
    - License plates
    - Old school audio stuff
    - Diapers
    - Coins as well.

    My lamp collection is the biggest. I have over 450 total pieces. Second is audio cassettes, over 65.

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    That's so awesome!!! Is it hard getting your hands on the insulators? It sounds like it would be...

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    Welcome to ADISC Tails : )

    Ah, you're from Quebec! Est-elle française votre première langue ? Je pense qu'il y a quelques unes de personnes françaises ici, mais je ne sais pas à coup sûr.

    That is awesome about your lamp collection, Tails. How long did it take you to get 450 of them?

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    Hi Vince . Welcome to ADISC.

    Ummm, may I assume that your user name is based on a 'certain' fox character from a 'certain' Sega classic (see avatar at left for better specification ). If so, glad to have another Sonic fan on here. I was raised on that stuff, lol. I can't say that I'm a furry, but a fox fan, definitely.

    So English isn't your first language? (Could have fooled me) Well, that's ok. You're doing a great job anyway. I know I for one would have a horrible time on a website written in a foreign language, so good for you. Keep up your practicing. It's a tough language I know, but you're doing a pretty good job.

    Again, welcome.

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    Welcome as well. I have a couple of glass insulators. I can remember walking along the railroad tracks and seeing them, where there were old power lines. We took them for granted then. I also collect coins, and I have some old lamps that were my aunt's. They were old gas lamps that she had converted to electrical and they are quite beautiful.

    I love antiques because I think they hold the story of the lives of their owners. I also love animals, especially dogs, and I relate well with dogs, an almost spiritual thing. I'm sure you will like this site, and it sounds like you are a good addition to it.

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    Wow, what a great welcome! Thanks everyone!

    lonelyDL: For now I don't have much equipment to climb poles, so pretty hard, but some poles are easy to reach, if there's a tree close or the crossarm is pretty low. I've 23 insulators yet.

    Asher: You got some french classes? Not bad, man! But did you know that french is even harder than english? The french grammar is very complex, I have hard time myself to understand it! About lamps, I'm collecting them for just over a year. I go to flea markets, thrift stores etc. and look for lamps, it's rare that I get back home with nothing!

    spddan: based on a 'certain' fox character from a 'certain' Sega classic? Hum... nope, absolutely not... what are you talking about? LOL! J/K of course! I liked him the very first time I've seen him! Well, I'm still learing french, and english is SO easy to me! French is definitely harder!

    dogboy: Cool to see another collector! Did you hear about ICON? It's Insulator Collectors On the Net, a large community of collectors. I'm myself subscribed to it.

    Well, thanks everyone! It's cool to be welcomed that way! Convinced me to come back, definitely!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tails View Post

    You got some french classes? Not bad, man! But did you know that french is even harder than english? The french grammar is very complex, I have hard time myself to understand it!
    I actually speak it at home with my dad (we're from Louisiana), and a large portion of my family speaks it as well.

    Je suis désolé si mon français était rugueux, Tails. Et oui, le Français est une langue difficile, mais je le préfère au-dessus de l'anglais.

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