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Thread: Looking for a picture, no, not THAT kind.

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    Default Looking for a picture, no, not THAT kind.

    Yeah, I'm looking for a picture from an anime called Chrno (or Chrono depending if you watched the English or JP version) Crusade

    It's a picture of a character called Ewan Remington. It's basically a concept style picture in full color that I -REALLY- need right now, it shows off his full clothes set and is NOT a screen from the anime. I know it exists as I saw it once but can't find it again, even with MY mad googling skills. I do believe it's not fan art either, but official work from the developers.

    I'll +2 Rep anyone who is kind enough to find it me.

    I believe it may be art drawn in one of the booklets that comes with the DVD set but I was a cheap ass and downloaded it before it was licensed.

    For clarity, the character you're looking for has THIS face.

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    I dunno know really where you can find that, have you tried Animesuki's forum? They usually have alot of threads full of pictures for anime series.

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