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  • I keep cool. I watch the TV silently, maybe even make comments on it.

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  • I am nervous. I make conversation, leave the room, etc.

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Thread: How do you react when watching a diaper commercial, if there are others around?

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    Default How do you react when watching a diaper commercial, if there are others around?

    I made this thread a long time ago. But now, it is in poll format!

    Personally, things have changed for me since I have been caught. When diaper commercials come on, I always get the urge to start a conversation, go to get something to drink, etc. It is incredibly awkward to watch diaper commercials with parents who know of your infantilist desires. (For me, anyway.)

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    Nobody knows my weird interests, so I keep cool when diaper commercials come on. I usually don't even relate diaper commercials to my AB habits, so it doesn't faze me most of the time.

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    I keep cool. What's to worry about?
    If you don't act normal, then you may get people on to the fact that there is something with you and diapers.....I think.

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    Since my parents know, I generally leave the room to go do something quick.

    Before that I could generally keep my cool.

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    I don't mind them at all, mainly because nobody knows.

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    i have been watching tv with my stepother watching tv and were fliping threw channels and i say one and went "go back"and when i saw it was a diaper thing i went "oh, never mind. she's done stuff like this before.

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    I don't have a TV, so no commercials... solved that problem...

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    I blush like crazy and try to ignore the whole "EMOS IN UNDERJAMS" jokes that my friends make. I still love them, though. :P

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    I avoid watching adverts. They are too annyoing, too loud and too many of them around.

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