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Thread: Mirrors -_-

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    Default Mirrors -_-

    Alright, so check this seen out.

    Two furs, role playing in real life. Just messing around wrestling some. One runs crawls away to get away from the other one's tickling. Runs right into a mirror... Looks into it.

    "I'm not Fox " the fur says



    They ruin everything!

    Was this happened to anyone else?

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    Even though I cannot relate to the furry community, I feel your pain. When you imagine yourself in your own world and imagination then look in the mirror...God, it such a depressing feeling.

    Just accept who you are and what you do. Reality can be broken through the force of one's mind.

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    What Angelicus said...

    Mirrors can definitely ruin any great RP experience. Makes you feel bad about what you are doing, well, at least for me it can.

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    Mirror, mirror on the wall - why do you spoil the fun for us all?

    Maybe it's a good idea to cover all mirros with a large blanket or something, to avoid that problem.


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    if this was a perfect world you could have broken the mirror and kept playing furry.

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    I agree mirrors really suck. I'm thinking of what I am, and what
    I look like and then a mirror shows up and you cant imagine any more.

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    Just not about the fur part but same goes for any RP or similar thing. That I do know about.

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    This has been a persistent problem for others as well (as illustrated at the top of the second page in item 3).

    Now if we only had a good source for those special shoes...

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    i h8 mirrors...slution if possable a fursuit is always handy...if u cant get one...dont play neer mirrors....

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