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Thread: Does your SO know?

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    Default Does your SO know?

    2 years and mine doesn't. I just can't admit it. Too embarrassing and it's just something for me and me only.

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    I feel that this is something I keep to myself with one exception, and that would be my SO. However, I have never been in a relationship long enough for me to explain it. If you two are serious, I would consider slowly getting a reaction from her about the whole AB/DL topic.

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    My ex knew. He even volunteered to be a part of it. I declined, thinking that it would probably end up with at least one of us being freaked out no matter hat he said. And yes, I regret that in hindsight.

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    no. not yet (been together 11 months, mostly long distance)

    i plan on telling her very soon though, wish me luck

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    mine knows. i explained it to him one night during a moment of attempting to work on the 'trust' factor between us.

    he asked a few questions. i explained the best i could at the time.
    he then was totally cool with me venturing out into the night on my quest to purchase diapers from the local grocery store. he also stuck by me when i would get home and realize that i *once again* bought pull-ups instead of "briefs" (oh, how little i knew 10 months ago). at one point in time i SWEAR we discussed him being cool with me diapered in his presence. well .. heh .. let's say, the NEXT time i brought that up, it was a different story.
    he knows i wear. he knows i *once* wore to bed, unbeknownst to him at the time. he didn't seem too pleased the next morning when i told him. HA!!
    he knows what comes in the boxes without labels. i call them my 'personals,' in a joking manner. he laughs, always.

    other than that, it's not really a part of our relationship. i don't even think i want it to be. now that i think about it, i'm not even sure i could hang out with him on the couch while i'm padded up.

    i think that in due time, it may be beneficial for to discuss your personal fantasies. i mean, who wants to spend time with someone who can't accept them for who they are? i understand that my partner doesn't necessarily want to change my wet diaper, but in the same breath, i don't think i would want him to anyway! so, it works. it all depends on what you want out of this relationship.

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    ^^ dd, SO = Significant Other.

    My wife knows (and she knew before we got married) but doesn't want to be a part of it. I couldn't imagine being in a serious relationship without my SO knowing. She's made attempts to satisfy some of my fantasies but it completely turns her off. She doesn't participate at all any more and I am fine with it. I also wear quite frequently and I try my best to keep it discreet around her; which I'm usually successful at.

    All in all, I don't think my marriage would be nearly as fulfilling if my wife didn't know. Because she knows, and still allows me to be myself, I know she really cares about who I am and loves me for who I am.

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    Well, I guess in my relationship I'm the SO who knows. He told me about a year ago (coincides with my join date - unsurprisingly) and we've since... shared... two experiences. And will possibly be sharing another one this week.

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    When me and my fiancÚ first started dating, she showed me a picture of her twins to give me a chance to back out of dating her. I told her that it didn't bother me and she was suprised. Two days later I returned the favor and told her about me being a DL and explained it to her. She thought it was weird at first, but now she is an AB. We also got engaged after 3 months and still together and loving it.

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