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Thread: To what extent are diapers sexual for you, on a scale of 0 to 10?

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    Default To what extent are diapers sexual for you, on a scale of 0 to 10?

    As in, sexual VS comfort. This is always fun to catch a demographic for, so here I am again. For me, it's about a 7. How about you?

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    This poll has definitely been done before. But I didn't post on that thread so...

    Ya I'm a 9 out of 10, almost completely sexual only comfort I get from them is when I'm having really bad anxiety and I get an irrational fear I'm going to wet my pants.

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    i voted 7 too. on the one hand, most of the time when i wear diapers it's just for fun and comfort, not a sexual thing. but on the other hand, i'm asexual apart from diapers: they're the only thing i find sexual at all.

    i guess it'd be like asking a normal straight guy to what extent he found women sexual. certainly he'd say he was attracted to women, but he probably wouldn't say he never has any interactions with women that aren't sexual in nature, or that he's constantly turned on every time there's a woman present.

    ...not the most flawless comparison i realize. i'm not sure wearing diapers and being in the presence of a woman are really analogous experiences. unless she was pressed up against your loins the whole time.

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    Butterfly Mage



    It's mostly for comfort for me.

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    A 3 for me. I do like the stress relief, and I can play video games longer :P So yeah, more comfort.

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    Definitely a 6.

    Five or six years ago I would have said a 9 or 10, but over time it's developed into more of a comfort/stress reliever thing.

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    Around a 7 for me.

    Basically exactly what Avery said. To the tee.

    Except I'm attracted to animals in a sense as well. Wouldn't act on it, though.

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    It's a 9 for me. Diapers are mostly entirely sexual for me. I can use diapers or thoughts of diapers as a comfort thing, but after about 2-3 minutes my libido kicks in and completely takes over. Then, after I'm "done" almost all of the attraction to them are gone.

    That kind of bothers me actually. I'd like to be able to use them more as a comfort thing only. I could when I was younger (around 14-15). Beats me why they're so extremely sexual to me now. It's not that I hit puberty and started developing sexually late. I was pretty early. But hey, what can you do?

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    Probably a 7 for me. Almost every time I wear, there is sexual release at some point in time... however, I don't really lose the desire to be in them. If they were free, I would sleep in them every night regardless of if I were having sexual feelings.

    In fact, I keep cloth diapers for that reason mainly. I feel weird sleeping in my sleepers without a diaper of some sort.

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    Hmm I think I remember seeing a thread like this in the past somewhere. Anyways, diapers are very sexual for me so like a 8 or something higher.

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