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    Well, I am 15 years old right now, and my voice is still really girly sounding. I am starting to get worried, shouldn't it have changed by now? I am developed in other ways, hair down there etc. But, i am just wondering if this is normal? I am sick of hearing 13 year olds voices deeper than mine

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    Well, I wouldn't worry about it yet. I mean, if you're 18 and it still is high, then I'd wonder, but not at 15.

    Besides, not everyone is a bass or a baritone. We need tenors and countertenors too .

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    Well, if you can sing, you can very well be the next Barry Gibb or Frankie Valli, so don't think it's such a bad thing.

    Some voices change, some may not -- don't get bummed down if your voice isn't as low as you want it to be, though. Think, too, that this might just be in your ears. Your internal perception of your own voice is entirely different than what it is externally, and it may sound completely different.

    Hopefully this will get to a point where it suits you, though!

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    Yeah what Rance said, I think my voice sounds girly, but if I hear it over th phone(answering machine or something) it's pretty deep.

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    Don't worry about it!

    I think that anyone who has heard my voice wouldn't call it deep at all, and I'm going on 19. Fact is, my voice has broken - and it certainly isn't girly, or high - but it is lighter and softer than other people's voices.

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    Ya, it's mostly how you hear yourself in your head, which always sound different than someone else listening to it....

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    my voice is all like. \/ \/ \/ (signature link) but only when I want it to be

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    Yea what I hear myself as is much less deeper than it really is. When I hear myself recorded I am always taking away at first haha. Give yourself another 2-3 years and it will get at least a little deeper, and if it does not, no biggie most girls do not care about that. Unless your like REALLY high pitched.

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    Over the microphone I'm very high pitched.
    Face to face. I'm not. Just give it time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your Worst Nightmare View Post
    Ya, it's mostly how you hear yourself in your head, which always sound different than someone else listening to it....
    THat's one explanation. Record your own voice (use your computer), then play it back and it'll sound a lot deeper than you thought it does. I always have the same impression when I hear myself speak compared to when I hear a recording of my own voice.

    In addition, you don't need a voice as deep as some 300lbs dude who's been smoking 3 packs of cigarrettes a day for the past 50 years to be a man (and neither do you need a jungle around your privates, or a rug in your face to be one). Ironically, once you are a fully grown want to have your childhood voice back, and for all the hair to disappear.


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