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Thread: Cubbing Out and Spanking?

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    Default Cubbing Out and Spanking?

    Why is it that i connect spanking and cubbing out so much?

    I wasnt spanked that much as a kid so i doubt thats it, anyone else here have the same feeling on these that i do?

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    To me the most obvious answer would be you were spanked by a child. If that's not it, then chances are somewhere along the way you came to associate spanking with a child's punishment, which it generally is.

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    It might be a sense of losing control, because whoever's spanking you is probably has more control over you and the situation. You might subconsciously associate lose of control with being a kid, when you really didn't have much control over your situation.

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    Good point there and i am glad someone replied ^^

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    Since I am not into the fur side of things, could you define "cubbing out" to me? Or maybe I should not be lazy and just check the Wiki...

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    cubbing out : Regressing, acting like a kid/cub

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    I was spanked... A lot... Sure set me straight.
    I'm nice to my parents, but secretly I'm wishing her heart would stop... JK. I just wish she wasn't such a bitch.

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    Here is a story for you. My current boyfriend was a "daddy's" house where he was put in diapers and the like. He was then pulled out of the diaper and spanked mercilessly for so long that it actually kinda broke his mind and regressed him. He was then cuddled and showered with affection which he said made the whole thing an awesome experience

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