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    Default Need a bit of help here...

    As a few people may have heard in IRC, I just got a new tablet a couple days ago. Well, after doing one drawing and finishing it, my dog decided to make my life miserable and chew up my tablet pen. It costs 30 dollars to get a new pen, and without a job or any source of income, I'm stuck.

    I still have a scanner and paper and pencil so I figured I'd get the 30 dollars I need the only way I can think of: taking commissions for donations. I'm going to have to ask everyone who reads this a big favor- if you want art, consider commissioning me? I'm on my own with this- my mom won't buy me one since it's "my fault" for having it on my bed with my tablet and my laptop, and I already cut a hole into my college funds just buying the tablet itself. So, I ask of you guys: Would anyone be interested in commissioning me?

    My latest drawing, albeit digital, is here: Raving mink by silachan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Thats the best example I can come up with ATM, because I haven't drawn anything other than that for a while.

    I can do most things, such as furry art, non-furry, etc. I can't do dragons or robots, or things with wings (aka birds) because I'm not good at it, but I can do a lot of stuff. I also can't do couples that well- interacting poses and what not make it hard. x3; I'm askin' for a donation instead of a set price, so people can pay whatever they feel is fit...

    Is there any possible interest? x.x; I really need a new pen and can't afford to cut into my college money again D:

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    I think, if the pen isn't totally destroyed (like, powdered pen, etc), you can still use it.

    Have you tried using the other side? Or is there even one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    I think, if the pen isn't totally destroyed (like, powdered pen, etc), you can still use it.

    Have you tried using the other side? Or is there even one?
    I tried using it, it can't click anything because it's been chewed up. The top of the pen (eraser side) was chewed up, and the pin nib was too. It's basically just a piece of plastic now :/

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    i dont have much expirence with tablets but my artsy friend has one. when her pen broke she actually used a Nintendo DS stlyus as a temp fix. Now it might just have been her brand of pad that worked with it. but its worth a try and relativly cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    Well, do you do business logos? If so, I may have a job for you
    Never tried, doesn't hurt to try though. PM me details and I'll give it a shot before I decide whether i can or not :3

    @kokuei: i'll try it as a temp fix xD

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