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Thread: Happy St. Patty's Day!

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    Go to school
    Come home
    Make homework
    Sit behind the computer
    Read thread
    Post reply
    (about to) Goto bed

    My day (short version).

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    Get Pinched A LOT

    I forgetted today was St. Patty's Day Y_Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Blake View Post
    Get Pinched A LOT

    I forgetted today was St. Patty's Day Y_Y
    but how could you get pinched with your perpetually green font-color?

    i've been horribly sick for the past couple of days, and today was the first day i was able to get out of bed. i honored the occasion by going into town to have lunch with some work buddies from my old job. i even managed to eat a few french fries without feeling too nauseous. it's been bad; yesterday i couldn't even really sit up in bed.

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    Half of my co-workers called in sick. I think they just couldn't find anything green to wear and were ashamed. So, I was pretty busy. But it wasn't a bad day for a Monday. And I remembered green, so I didn't get pinched.

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    Pinched more people than I can count, did a couple jigs with my firends at an Irish bar, did a gig playing the guitar at the same bar. Came home and came onto here.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I drank green beer to and now I have huge hangover!!!

    Happy St. Paddys Day everyone!!!!
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    I don't mean to be a party pooper but the church legally moved St. Patrick's day to the Saturday that just passed so it didnt interfere with the holy day today (Monday)

    Then again nobody really cared and got drunk tonight LOL

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    I had my green mario bros shirt and my green Kilkenny toque. A pretty good evening, went over to my friends place and he had a bunch of people over. I didn't drink because I work tomorrow in the early morn (I should really be in bed now...)

    I do wish I could have stayed out tonight and drank with my friends, but I guess it's for the best that I didn't :P

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