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Thread: Make a Change! Pink Bambino Diaper Petition

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    Default Make a Change! Pink Bambino Diaper Petition

    Hello there. I am posting a petition to try and persuade Bambino's to manufacter and sell pink diapers on their line.

    If you would like to sign for this, please click this link and sign. If you are REALLY worried about releasing personal details, (although I assure you it's perfectly safe), then place false info. But MAKE SURE IT'S YOUR REAL NAME.

    Every signature makes a difference.

    Also, if this is not your cup-o-tea, or you are not interested in it... Please do not start drama. Just walk away if you do not plan on helping. We all understand if this isn't to your liking.

    Also, if you can, please spread this to as many *B/DL places that you can.
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    If you just want pink diapers.. buy Dry 24/7 size large. They are pink/purple in color, mostly pink though.

    They are also cheaper then bambino would charge for them.

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    I like the style/comfort of Bambinos, however. I can't wear size large, and I would like complete sissy pink.

    I also want a quality diaper. :P

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    Why leave it at pink? I think it would be pritty easy to put some basic die in the production line, making all colors avalable. Why not make a custom color option? You know, the basics, like blue, red, green, pink, easy colors.

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    Because they would be out even more money for different colors.

    Pink seems to be the most wanted from what I have gathered, and it's also what I'd like.

    If it's already hard enough to persuade them to make ONE color, then having them make MULTIPLE is going to be near impossible.

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    Your infinite logic angers me. Fine I'll sign it.

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    Haha. Maybe someday we can persuade them to do that as well, though. That would be nice.

    We just have to ease into it, though.

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