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Thread: How many youtube videos have you watched??

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    Default How many youtube videos have you watched??

    Well the other night I noticed that I have had my youtube acct. for over 3 years now. Well 3 years and 2 days now . But I also noticed that I have veiwed over 11k videos in the last 3 years.

    So I was wondering other youtube fans out there, How long have you been a memeber, an how many videos have you seen. All this info can be found on your profile page.

    My profile

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    16726 on my main account since July '07

    7429 on my 'alternative' account since May '08

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've seen very few YouTube videos. My internet connection is usually through a tethered cell phone, so the connection speed is too low for video streaming.

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    I joined in May 2006 and have watched 3615 videos. I would have though It'd be more, but then again I'm not logged in a whole lot.

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    With my original account, I have watched 7,898 Since January 22, 2006.

    I thought I watched a lot more with it though.

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