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    I found this on a forum ahaha I thought it was pretty funny

    for babys u say?
    u see, diapers r the ultimite tool,
    how often are you sitting at ur computer, reading a book, talking to a friend, or playing your vidiogames, and then
    BAM! the urge strikes u, u realize u hav to poop!
    u go running to the bathroom and waist 1-5 minuets of your valuble life!
    with new DIAPERS, you can just *ahhhhh* let it all out, and it feels GREAT
    your nice big DUMP nestles careingly inbetween the diaper and your butt.
    u can even use them while:
    washing your car,
    DRIVING your car,
    having a conversation,
    on the phone,
    and many more,
    you can even use them,
    now i kno what your thinking
    "wont we have to CHANGE our diapers?"
    yes you will, but diapers are designed to handle MASSIVE LOADS,
    you can use 1 diaper for up to 5 loads,
    thats almost a WEEKS WORTH OF POTTY BREAKS!
    on top of being usefull there also styleish,
    you can get pictures on your diapers,
    fire trucks,
    even broken hearts for the average EMO!.
    an offer like this would probobly cost up to 12,000$
    but this week only we'll sell a life time supply for the low price of
    so what are yoiu waiting for,


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    Damn, I can't afford them, even with that special offer

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    Sure the diaper can handle 5 loads, but what about my poor bottom? I don't even want to imagine the rash!

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    HAHA!!!!!!!!... holy crap that is funny and i don't really think that 5 loads of poo will empty before i 3hrs so no can do

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    My dignity...? Aww, sh*t where'd I put that at.... Sh*t, just when I need that sh*t, I can't find it! I don't have no dignity...! Quick somebody give me some dignity! ...Please? Look, I'm begging you, pleeease, give me some dignity... :extreme-irony:

    But seriously. that's kinda funny.

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    That is a very interesting 'poem' or advertisement... Don't worry adaffme149... I'll sell you some of my dignity... then we can both get the special offer... I might pass on five days though...

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    The spelling is pretty funny too, and this line

    your nice big DUMP nestles careingly inbetween the diaper and your butt.
    The average dump generally isn't caring XD

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    Yeah, that would be... uhm, I don't even want to think about what five loads would do.

    Every time I see the lame forum posts from people who are like "OMG I WORE THE SAME DIPER FOR THREE DAYZ!!!?!?!!11one!eleven!!" I think "ummm... awesome, I hope you enjoyed the unholy smell and your soon-to-be-raging rash, and I hope you didn't subject anyone else to your state."

    Wet is cool, messy is nice... but for God's sake, real babies get changed once in awhile!

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