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    After reading numerous posts on deeker I will admit that I use to read on there a lot because It was one of the first sites where I found diapers etc. What I did was read a lot of the stories and thats about it. What I didn't realize was what the site actually was which I thank you for opening my eyes. My question is since the site is I assume you all know would I get in trouble for reading the stories containing the bad stuff :\. I had no intention of committing something in any manner its just what I first learned. Would I get in trouble for reading AB/DL stories from that site that contain what I know now is bad?

    Thank you for your time
    sorry if I seem a little jumpy I'm just a worry wart

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    Well, that's up for a moderator to tell. But I think you're fine as long as you don't post anything there.

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    Do you mean in trouble legaly or on this site. I'm not so sure about legaly, but I'm pritty sure no ones going to do anything about you reading a story, But I know that no one really cares on this site... unless you try to turn this site into deeker's. Then people might speek up. Otherwise, your cool.

    Oh, and welcome to this site. Hope you enjoy it.

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    I ment legally and thanks for the fast replies you two

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    Yeah, some people just want deeker to be kept alone that are involved with this site. Not really get involved with it. It's questionable how many stories are accually factual. But if you don't get it tied up with this site. Your fine.

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    You can't get in trouble for reading something.

    Talking about it, however, is another matter.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I would imagine that almost every ABDL has run into D--ker's website. I did years ago and quickly realized it was probably 99.44% Bullsh!t. After that, I discovered Foxtales, which fortunately is not run by a pedophile. I tend to like this site a lot better since the REP system keeps the conversations civil. Foxtales has some bullies that run amok and and generally ruin a lot of discussions.

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    First of all, welcome to ADISC Blade . Feel free to stop by the Greetings and Introductions Forum to write a formal introductions. It just helps us to get to know you better.

    Secondly, like everyone else is saying, don't worry about reading stuff on that horrible Dker site. When I first discovered the ABDL community a couple years ago, that was the first and only site I knew of, which is horrible, because it paints a terrible image of the community. I too wandered through the rat maze and looked at a few of their stories, even read a couple of their 'diaper sitings' (eee-gad, I wanted to report some of it to the police if I thought more than 5% of it were true).

    The fact is, you went to a search engine looking for answers to private questions, and found whatever came up first, which just so happens to often be that page. Now you've done a little more searching, and you've found a better site (i.e. this one), so now you can just feel relieved to not have to return to that place ever again, lol.

    No, I don't think it's a legal problem that you went there. The only way it could be is if you were actually suspected of committing acts of pedophilia. Just keep your life clean, and the cops won't bother ya. After all, there's no law against clicking around blindly on the internet.

    Hope that helps, and again, welcome,

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeDL View Post
    I ment legally and thanks for the fast replies you two
    Hehe, you're welcome. Oh and welcome to ADISC, I don't really pay attention to the status thingy, but I saw you're a Newly Joined.

    Well, I don't see why you'd be in risk with that, unless it has something to do with actual minors. But I assume not. However, I advise you to read ADISC's rules, because as far as I know, posting in dangerous sites is a reason to get banned.

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