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    So last year my school decied that there would be no cheer squad do to highschool drama causing over half of the squad to quit. Well my mom (who is a teacher) did not think it was fair to the girls who still wanted to go out, well after a long talk with the principal they decied that we can have a cheer squad but only for home games. My mom asked me to be the mascot and being a furry I said yes. So exicted, just my lil story.

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    Lol. Those costumes get HOT, man.

    I'd invest in getting a cooling system installed. :P

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    Thats Awesome!! im so jealous. Whats your school mascot?

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    congrats :3

    Quote Originally Posted by RalieghFhang View Post
    Lol. Those costumes get HOT, man.

    I'd invest in getting a cooling system installed. :P
    depends on the temperare outdoors and your heat tollerance really. I've been fursuit/mascot entertaining for about a year now and once you build a tollerance even doing it in 80 degrees wont be too much of a strain wit the propper water and rest break periods

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    Ahh. Well... I'm a cold-weathered person myself. Extremely tolerant to the chill, and not to the heat. Lol.

    So I guess that's where we differ. :P

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    What's your guys' mascot?

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    Most modern mascot costumes have fans built in... but no school is willing to spring for the new ones, its mostly for national sporting teams.

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    that's cool hun, good luck with that and it does get hot in those, u will be fine im sure

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    sorry i totaly spaced about me making this thread. My schools mascot is the bluejays the suit is brand new and has a great cooling system, ive been working on my stuff. its the first year we have had a mascot in a while so there making it a big deal out of the new suit and there letting me have a great entrance. Since we are the bluejays there making a giant egg that they will put me in and i bust out of right before the first game of the season its going to be intence.

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