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    hey everyone, just saying hi. Long time dl. i knew when i was 4. my wife knows, and she lets me indulge 1-2 times a week. she has worn a few times, but its really not her thing.

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm new here too. That's a long time to have been liking diapers, I can remember though I was about 4 when I got caught trying on my brothers diapers. If you don't mind sharing how did your wife find out about your diaper wearing? I ask because I haven't told mine yet...

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    we worked together before we hooked up, and we took a purity test. It had wearing diapers on it, and i knew my co-workers would read it, so i lied to hide my secret. we were talking one night after going out for a month or two, and we were talking about secrets. I told her that i would tell her my darkest secret if she told me hers. so i just said guess what i lied about on my purity test. she guessed it after awhile. she was a little freaked out at first, but she accepted it, and was glad i told her before we got married. she's pretty cool with it.

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    Yay for tolerant, indulgent, loving wives. You are a lucky dethpuck. Welcome to these here forums, a nice, tolerant place to hang.

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