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Thread: Can anyone help me?

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    Default Can anyone help me?

    I'm trying to put up an image for my avatar but it's not working...
    Do I need to not be a newbie or is it just being weird?

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    I don't think newbies can put up avatars...

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    That's soooo mean! T_T
    I does not wanna be a newbie no mores!!!!!
    *throws temper tantrum, really wanting to put up an avatar*

    *slowly calms down, looking at the number of posts I need until 20* Hm... just... 7 more after this one..
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    Ok... So I'm a regular now and I still can't put up an avatar..
    What exactly are the requirements? I mean my picture is less then 150X150 pixels and under 39.1KB So I don't know why it won't let me... Does it need to be saved under a certain format?

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    No. It's either 150x150 or 39.1kb
    Best to convert your image to JPG

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    Actually Mickal, it's both. Smaller then 150x150 and 39.1KB though it'll resize if it is too big.

    kittychan tell us exactly what you're doing.

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    I'm just trying to upload a picture from my computer
    The picture is both smaller than 150X150 and 39.1KB
    It's saved as a .bmp

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    I finally got my avatar up! Thank you to everyone who helped!
    Apparently I needed to change it to a .jpg

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    Well, click brows and select the image you want. then just click save.

    EDIT: Hmm I've done GIF images (images not animated stuff) before that worked, maybe BMP is just an odd format for this forum software as I've seen problems with BMP files other places too.

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    That's what I had been doing but it's all sorted out now

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