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  • Hot reaction is way stronger.

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  • Cute is stronger for me.

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  • There about the same.

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    Question Reaction

    I don't think this has been brought up. When you see some "eye candy". Or someone that looks attractive. You either get the " Damn hot!" Response. Or you get the "Awwww they are soooo cute!" Which impulse is stronger for you? The "Damn hot!' or "Awwww they are soooo cute" I saw some eyecandy today ended up screaming the second option in my head. But they both advertising there strightness. I don't really end up getting the first reaction from seeing anyone.

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    Cute! When people say "things are so hot" it makes me think of slutty playboy models. If I'd get a girlfriend, I'd want a girl who was nice and 'cute'. Not bitchy and "hot".

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    I'm way more attracted to petite, cute girls rather than the big breasted, tall and lean variety that seems to feature on so many magazine covers.

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    Am I attracted to a t-shirt & jeans kind of person, or am I attracted to a 'flawless' plastic doll?

    Imperfection adds character, what's attractive is how people use it to their advantage.

    Cute wins out because it's hard to be a stand-out when you've the same style as the next "hottie".

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that said us *B/DLs are probably naturally inclined to go for cuteness.
    I don't care for slim blonds with large breasts, in fact it's almost a turn off for me. I'd never go for anyone who valued their looks more than anything else.

    I go for character and they tend to look cute to me as well, however I haven't exactly got far on this front.

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    Well people always say that I'm 'cute' and not 'hot' (Damn you swimmer's body!) and I have guys that seem 'hot'. I like my boys with cute little baby faces, so I'm going with cute.

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    I am sexually illiterate. I cannot tell if a girl is attractive unless it's in the extreems, and then I just know people find her attractive, I don't actually get attracted. One time at camp when we went to town, one of the guys said "hot girl 1 O'clock" I quickly look over to see what caught his attention and couldn't find her. After a while of everybody pointing and saying "Right there!" I gessed which person they were talking about. I still couldn't tell the difference between her and every other girl there.

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