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Thread: Are attends being sold in Canada?

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    Default Are attends being sold in Canada?

    Later today i was in shoppers drug mart with a few friends and i noticed a bag of attends(didn't see what kind) sitting on a table(as a display?). I didn't have time to check the diaper isle where they will be located at. Are there going to be attends being sold in shoppers drug mart and other pharmacy stores in Canada?

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    I have also seen Tena diapers in Shoppers. They could be picking either as a step up from depends.

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    The one shoppers home health care store in Calgary stocks Abena x-plusses, and they are cheaper than

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    You can find Attends products in most speciality stores. They are pretty low quality, so they usually end up contracted with insurances.

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    Shoppers Home Health Care here sells Attends, Depends and Tena. I've seen Tena and Depends in Shoppers Drug Mart..... so I wouldn't doubt if the regular shoppers sold attends since it's basically the same thing (def. same company) as home health care.

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