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Thread: Larger NUKs

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    Default Larger NUKs

    Has anyone dealt with this site?

    These really large pseudo NUKs are intriguing..

    BTW, this site does seem to want to open a movie (about an ABDL) depending on which browser you use. Turn down your speakers.
    !NOTE! I've not tried this site via Windows so I don't know what else it might want to open on that platform. Use care.
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    Site looks shady as heck to me. There's no place I can find that would even let me try to order one, and see if firefox recognizes its certificates and stuff. I wouldn't trust it without knowing what it actually is.

    BTW it wants to install a plugin. I declined because I dont know what kind of viruses it could have and I dont feel like messing with viruses tonight. lol

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    sweet jesus... was that video made to scare us out of being ab?

    cause it is working... *washes eyes out with bleach*

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    The picture at the bottom is creepy as hell. Plus the pacifiers look very poorly designed compared to the real Nuks. Plus the nuk 5 is big enough unless you want to get in some practice for something else.

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    Are those pacifiers or mutilated sex toys?

    I have been considering buying a Nuk 5, not sure if it's worth it or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabySparky View Post
    Are those pacifiers or mutilated sex toys?

    I have been considering buying a Nuk 5, not sure if it's worth it or not.
    Oh... it's worth it even if you got to pay 25-30 bucks for it with shipping. I wouldn't recommend spending anything over 30 bucks for it though.

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    If it's actually a German website (since it's a .de address), it's illegal under German law, as they have no company information (address, phone number) listed anywhere, or at least not within easily visible range on the front page.
    In other words: Stay away!


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    IIf you want a nuk 5 go here. Adult Baby Nuk 5 Pacifier (AB) - FREE NUK 5 PACIFIER IN AUGUST 2009- ALSO FREE GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER IN AUGUST! Select Modified Pacifiers are 15% OFF! i have bought 2 nuk 5s from them. 1 adult sized backing and 1 modified baby backing. They are great products. Ship discreatly, and the owners are nice. ^_^

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    That was the CREEPIEST picture ever! I haven't seen the video yet (it seems to be blocked on the school server ) But I will definitely watch it the moment I get home.

    EDIT: I love that nursery, just not the creepy guy in the wig. Seems suspicious, though. Wouldn't buy from them.
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    fetware also sells nuk5s for cheap- but i dunno how discreet or even reliable they are. pacifiersrus is a safe way to go, albeit a bit more expensive.

    *dreams of getting a modded paci from there someday*

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