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Thread: Help on ordering online?

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    Default Help on ordering online?

    Okay, well see. Everyone knows the diapers they sell at the store are relatively bad compared to diapers online. I want to buy Bambinos or Abenas or something online, but without my mom knowing. She has no job so she's home most, if not all of the day. So I need to figure out how to do this cause I'm quite determined to pull it off without her noticiing.

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    I want to order a sample pack of bambinos but am worried about my parents checking the mailbox to find them. If you wish to order the sample pack, it comes as 2 bambinos in an envelope that comes in the mail. Do your parents check the mail each day?

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    If you have a UPS or FedEx store near you, you can have them shipped there. Just beware there may be a pickup charge. I think the UPS store around the corner from my house charges $5.00 for non-customers to ship there.

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