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    I'm surprised this topic has never came up before. I have two pet dogs. One is a miniature Jack Russell, and she is 9 months old. The other one is a Beagle-Terrier mix (or so the vet reckons. He came from the puppy rescue so we're not sure) who is 11 weeks old (again, vet's guess).

    I'm don't really like most dogs, and it was my mum and brother's idea to get them, but now that I have them, they've grown on me. The miniature Jack Russell is really funny at times. There was one day she was chasing a fly around. She was at it for hours, jumping at it, then it'd fly away. Then she stepped on it at one point and killed it. She stared at it for ages, then brought it to her bed.

    So what pets/stories about pets do other people have?

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    i have one dog, a chinese crested powder puff. we got her not long after our other baby died, she was a maltipoo mutt. this little one is a handful- she loves to come up behind my mom and i and take our hair scrunchies out of our hair, or take our socks off our feet. I had my sleeper on once and she comes up to me and starts tugging at the feet as if the were socks. XD she's so cute.

    here's a vid of her:
    Pets :: 455.flv video by Sila-chan - Photobucket

    she's my baby, I can't live without her. XD Her name is London, and she's only a year old. x3

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    I've got two cats here, Dallas, he's black with white feet and belly and he's 10 years old. He has some pretty serious psychological problems for a cat, I can't get within 10 feet of him before he runs away. When he was a kitten, he got under a car hood and rode 30 miles under it before someone found him, that was before we adopted him (my brother chose him because he looked good, always make sure you don't have a psycho cat before adopting it).

    The other one is Moe, he's an orange tabby, 2 years old and he is the friendliest cat ever, he licks people when he meets them, or whenever he feels like it. We got him after our other cat Abby got hit by a car. I'm droning on so I'll stop now.

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    Dogs. Lots of freakin dogs. My mom breeds these little shit zu things. They don't fetch, swim, run, or do any tricks. I've grown up around the buggers. For every childhood memory I have, there's a shit zu in the background, doing nothing.

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    I have a tea cup Chihuahua. His name is Moses. According to Mandy, he isn't a dog, he's a rat. We'll go with that assessment.

    Every.single.night...he gets under my pillow to sleep. Yes, with my head still on the pillow. If I roll over, I will crush the tiny thing.

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    I have a papillon named Miko. I swear she's got some sort of puppy ADHD! She runs around all the time, but I love her anyways.

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    I have a Russian blue named Stormy. He's just a year old, and is really sweet and affectionate. I also have a turtle named Shelly, who is about three or so.

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    I have a golden retriever name Marlee (no... not named after the movie) and a Pembroke Corgi named Kirk. Also have a calico cat conveniently named "Cat" (I know, creative right?!?), and until a few hours ago, had a goldfish (just died this afternoon).

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    I have a cat. Just a... cat. Run of the mill cat. Named Moo. No, not named after the owner of ADISC. My great-grandmother's nick name was Moo. So we named the cat in memory of her.

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    Presently two female cats, old ones named Cassie and Baby. My exroomie brought them and a male named Midnite when she moved in ten years back. She a couple years back and could not take the cats with her. I complain about the cats but when Midnite died I cryed like a baby. My ex even came down to help me bury him. We cryed together...

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