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Thread: Anyone going to Rainfurrest in SeaTac, Washington next month?

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    Smile Anyone going to Rainfurrest in SeaTac, Washington next month?

    So is anyone going to Rainfurrest in SeaTac, WA next month? I am thinking I will go, but really nervous because I have never been to a con before. So if anyone is going let me know and maybe we can meet up at the con, or if anyone has gone do you have any tips, advice, anything? I really have no idea whatsoever to expect! And I would really like to go with someone, so if a few people are going locally, maybe we can go as a group? I don't know, at least this can be a thread for rainfurrest '09. Thanks! -Scout Auxfur

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    I was thinking about going only to try and meet a few other baby/diaper furs since I don't really know too many people yet. I've never been to a furry convention, and I'm still kinda new to the whole diaper thing. So I'm looking for people in my area to meet and hang out with.

    I've meet a couple other DL's in my area, but no other babyfurs really.

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