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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    Hello, I'm Kody ^_^

    hmm...where to begin...
    A friend of mine showed this page to me and so I decided to check it out, I'm hoping to enjoy my time here.

    I'm an AT(adult toddler)/DL/LF (Lil'fur) and I love to make new friends.

    so yeah, anyways. I just thought I'd say hello/make an introduction!

    feel free to ask me about stuff that I didn't put if you just wanna get to know me...other than that, I'm gonna see what's going on around here

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    Hello! Let me be the first to say Welcome!!! I hope you'll enjoy the site, I'm only new myself but everyone here is nice and it's a great community.

    What sort of things do you enjoy other than AT/DL/LF? Movies? Music? Hobbies? We like to focus on everything here and really getting to know one another!

    Welcome Again!

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    thank you

    Well..I'll start by saying that "the arts" are kinda my thing ^_^
    I play several instruments (Bass/Acoustic/Electric) guitar, Keyboard/piano, Drums, and I sing.

    I also do Theatre and Musical Theatre, draw, and write on occassion (I write poetry..and currently I'm writing a play)
    I LOVE movies..and all form entertainment. ^_^
    hmmm...I play video games often (PS2,DS,PSP, and PC...also..lots of old school ^_^)
    and currently I'm trying to beat Silent Hill 2 (a friend showed it to me...insanity galore!)

    as far as sports...I play Paintball...other than that I like the "lazy sports" Pool, Darts, Cards...

    oh..and I'm a sucker for "family games" (like Apples to Apples, Blink, stuff like that ^_^)

    oh...on a side note...I never did say..
    My lil'fursona is a Wolf/Husky (a wulfsky) pup. ^_^

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    Welcome! I've allso poked my head into the arts and got a little taste. Ive drawn a little and made a little music along the way.

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    Hey Kody,

    Welcome to the Forums. I tried learning to play the guitar one didn't work out so well ^.^; But i have played the violin since i was seven and i'm also learning to play the keyboard (self teaching) I saw that you said you like to write. We've got a whole section dedicated solely to writing, so maybe you'd like to check that out and maybe contribute your poem.

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    @Littletyler: Yes, I saw that.
    Maybe at some point I will. ^_^
    as far as guitar, I don't play a lot, I learned from tabs and chord charts from a web page. but I can play some (Rhythm, not lead ^^; )

    @Silverstar: Ooooo, Violin I Have a Violin (inherited from my grandfather ^_^) but I can't play it really...I've dabbled with it some, but that's one I'd love to learn to play well.

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    Hey Kody, welcome to our awesome and well moderated forum. Just curious, what is your interest in diapers (you know, how long, how often, what brand, etc, etc...)

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    hiya there trust me you'll like it here.

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