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Thread: What song is this?

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    Default What song is this?

    I uploaded it to yousendit: YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement

    I have no clue what song it is, or who made it. There are no real lyrics to it so I can't just google it. x.x; Can anyone help? XDD

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    It sounds like it could be someone remixing a DJ Sven song....

    YouTube - DJ Sven E & Reztax - Let's Go

    some parts sound pretty close to this ... or it could be another DJ Sven song that I don't know about

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    Hm. They sound kind of alike, but I've never heard of DJ Sven before. I know i had this on my old computer a couple years ago, and I thought it was named but apparently it wasn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canuck View Post
    Do you have a mp3 version? I can use a music checker if you do.
    I can convert it to MP3, yeah, gimme a sec.

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    I would of converted it .. but I'm not on my good computer right now with all my editing software on it.

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    all I do is just edit the filename :B but my computer is being stupid and saying the file is open when it isn't. so i'm having someone else help me <<


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