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Thread: procuct test: Kendall Lille Maxi small

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    Default procuct test: Kendall Lille Maxi small

    a couple of threads here got me thinking and seeing the 'small' in the local store got me even curiouser , so i got some.
    now, this was weeks ago as once i'd got home and had a look at them, i was a bit put-off by how small they were (it's ages since i last wore a small or youth size diaper) and i stashed them and ignored them. at weekend, i decided to try them.

    here's the small and the medium together:
    (missing image)

    most noticeable is that the small doesn't have the elastcated band at the waist front.

    (missing image)

    they're about the same thickness as each other.

    (missing image)

    so, i donned one and went shopping.
    with the small being a snugger fit, the padding doesn't cup or V between the legs as much as the bigger one and in that area it felt like i was wearing a diaper. at the bum, it felt less so as the shorter length didn't allow for a bunching-up there. the front wasn't noticeable in any way for a diaperedness. normally, i like a diaper to come up to my belly-button as that's my waistline and the small was below that.
    how it looks under clothes:
    (missing image)

    it's nowhere near as noticeable as the medium but, for discretion, i'd still stick with my usual Attends (euro/UK version) and that's mainly for absorbancy; the Lille small seemed to have less gel than the medium. in fact, it was more like the older pad-based diapers and could only take one full bladder voiding, whereas the medium will take quite a bit more, often two.
    all things considered, i think the small would be suitable for upto age 12 and are still a better alternative to Drynites/Goodnites, even without the gelling ability, as the better fit would prevent leaks and the pad covers a greater area. and then, there's the price: 8.48 for 20, working out at just over 42pence each, compared to Drynites 8-15 which are almost 59pence each (RRP).

    so, there you go.

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    That is a good review. The Medium ones were the first proper adult nappies I tried (excluding Boots StayDry). Because of this, I have fond memories of that brand.

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    I had a bag of mediums last year. I think they are a bit too high in front and back. Attends, Molicare and Tena are a better fit imho. And the medium doesnt have much gel either, especially when compared to Attends.

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    I actually like the fact that they come up quite high. Granted, it's mostly plastic and not really absorbent material, but I prefer my diapers to cover my belly button, and the Kendall Lille do that just perfectly. I don't think the extra plastic does much in terms of preventing leaks, but it may be good for a better overall fit of the diaper on the body.


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    I tried the Kendall Lille Maxi Medium, and still have some left.

    They have a pretty comfortable fit, a decent capacity, and a high waist which I like too, but I'm not enthusiast about them because alas they're shaped in a way that doesn't allow the elastic bands around the legs to be tightly sealed, causing early leakage expecially if I'm sitting...

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    Little ollie


    I love this brand as they may not be the most absorbant but they seems really comfy compared to the others i have tryed albena tena and molicare. Just ordered some yesterday should arrive tmoro.

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    This seams to be the case with most small's. They are quite a bit smaller, less absorbent, and sometimes have less features... Thanks for the review!

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    i have gotten a pair of these as a sample the one time i was buying diapers in Edmonton. the sale guy was really nice and the two that i had felt great. fit good on my skinny bones and absorbed what i needed them to. if i could find these again in the city here im living in now i would get them more often

    sorry had to add this
    100th post, WOOT
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    Sad that we still haven't been able to find a store in America that stocks these, online or otherwise. They look cute, I'd love to try them.

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    I've managed to get a couple of these in the past (medium sized) and I thought they were pretty good diapers. I had quite the reaction when I first pulled them out of the pack, seeing as how they were pretty long and ultimately came up very high on me. I'm not a big guy... small diapers can fit me snuggly - I just enjoy the extra padding and making them noticeable is fun in an AB context.

    Overall though, a pretty good diaper. The packaging makes them look cheap, but they certainly hold their own.

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