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Thread: Hello from Texas... San Antonio that is

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    19 male starting college at the university of the Incarnate word, will be living on campus in an apt. and will be diapered as much as possible!

    I wore very often through High School (over 2200 students) so Its easy to blend in.

    most of the girls I dated in school knew of my fetish and I am sure a lot of the girls knew about it by the time I was a senior but its all good, I was pretty popular in school so I could laugh a lot of the ribbing off.

    if ya dont show them it matters then they soon forget it.

    I can imagine the ratio of female to male here is like most sites which I am used to but just to put it out there I am not to comfortable talking to guys about my fetish since its quite sexual so dont be offended guys if I am not much for conversation about some of the more private things. Other than that I am a pretty open book, I favor the abri-form x-plus (the thicker the better) I wear in public and love being "discovered" or "caught" by some cute lil lady... I love seeing their reactions, its quite a turn on!

    on to the forums to see how things look !!!

    oh and just to be clear I am not here looking for anyone to date, just love the subject. I hope I may be able to throw some of my 14 years of experiences anyone's way if I can... so yeehaw
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    As I am a guy we needn't talk fetish stuff... So how bout them Oilers? /me hands you a bud, help youself to cheese and pretzels, and pay no mind to the lingering scent of tetosterone in the air... there are gals here but they're in the kitchen chatting about sewing notions and stuff... /me ducks a high-speed cheese ball fired from the general direction of the kitchen...

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    wassup! welcome to ADISC!
    i have some chill (yahoo) friends in S.A. and New Braufelds TX! (let alone Dallas area)
    have fun making friends and learning more about ADISC!
    ~ Will =)

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    Hey! I'm from Houston, m'self.

    Welcome to ADISC! Mind telling us just a little bit more about yourself?

    Enjoy the site, and make lots of friends!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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