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Thread: Newbie... :)

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    Default Newbie... :)

    Hello there. Contrary to what you might be used to seeing... Be prepared for a looong introductory post. I thrive on details and explanations, and you will see a lot of that.

    Well, to start off... I'm a 17 year old furry. My fursona is portrayed as an arctic wolf by the name of "Raliegh Fhang". That is pronounced "Ray-Lay~Fang". Not "Rolly". The 'i' comes before the 'e'.

    I have a furaffinity, and am a popular fractal artist... Even though that has been put on slight hiatus.

    Edit: Cannot post furaffinity link due to post restriction. Will be back.

    I am a very, very friendly fur and love to get to know people and talk casually. I love to wear diapers, and am currently wearing a Bambino Classic, actually.

    I am, however, not really classified as an adult baby, or babyfur, in my case. I pride myself more in the caretaker/diaper lover category.

    I am asexual, meaning I have no real, strong, real-life sexual connections or wants. I do not strive to have sex. It is a rare occurence, but it does appear. I was surprised to find this option upon signing up.

    Now, a little more into the user behind the fursona.

    I am into the hacking scene. I am what you would call a "Grey Hatter". That is a cross-between a white and black hatter hacker.

    To explain:

    A white hatter is a hacker that uses his skills and all-around computer knowledge to help others through troubling times with their computers. Be it a virii attack on a personal computer... A site taken down and defaced... Or simple computer hardware issues.

    A black hatter is a hacker that uses his skills to make trouble for the common computer user. Black hatters are generally classified as those that hack into forums, (usually through SQL injection... Most forums are protected from this, however... There are... Alternatives), and defacing them in some way. Black hatters also code and create virii to send out to innocent computer users to mess up their computer, or, more commonly, use their computer's net to send huge amount of packets to one server... I.E. a DDoS attack.

    I am a grey hatter, as I continuasly love helping users fix their computer problems, as I am very helpful by nature... Origin of my white hat. My black hat, however, delves from attaining massive amount of computers to control normally used for DDoS attacking. Now, I have the ability to do this feature, but I don't. I just like to see how many computers I can spread to. Don't worry, you all are safe. I only spread to deserving people, I guess you could say.

    Anyways, I'm very, very easy to get along with, and hope to pop around here often.

    Hit me up on any messenger if you need help with your computer. I can help via remote cocnnection through a computer called "Teamviewer", or simply talking you through some steps.

    A little more on my diapered side:

    I have worn diapers continuously through a conscious and able age of 15. I have always liked diapers, and would wear them when possible since the age of 4, however.

    I have worn three brands of diapers, really. Depends, Assurance, and Bambinos. these do not count baby diapers, as I wear those quite a bit as well.

    My parents already know about my diaper loving, as I outright told them one day. I am the kind of fur that does not care what others think of him, and will do what I want, when I want, no matter what others think, as long as it's withing reason, of course. They had a hard time digesting this, but eventually they understood that there are many worse things that I could be delving into.

    I wear diapers to school quite a lot, and have three IRL friends that know about my likes, due to me trusting them enough to tell them.

    General Info:

    I love to play Halo 3. I am an avid gamer, and will be caught doing that more than most anything else.

    I am an A+ student, and enrolled in the AFJROTC program. I know my discipline.

    I am a huge grammar nazi, and make a big emphasis on this. Apart from the random errors and typos, you will see my posts clear-cut, and grammatically correct.

    I am very defensive by nature. If I am attacked on a forum, I will defend myself... Harshly. I do not flame back, but I do, however, get my point across with very well-constructed responses that leave all enemies I have come across wishing they hadn't attacked me in the first place.

    Now, to re-cap. Some of this stuff may make me look like a very shady, untrustworthy character... But I am very likeable at heart. Trust me. Just don't attack me hostile like, and we'll be fine. Constructive criticism or well thought-out posts are perfectly accepted, however.

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    Well hello there Ray-lay-fang. Who would have guessed you hide such terrible, fearsome fangs behind an avatar of such immense cuteness? We consider ourselves fully warned... And you, may consider yourself duly pounced and snuggled.

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    Now, there's a good introduction if I've ever seen one!

    Welcome to ADISC - enjoy your time here, and don't try to hack this website, or you'll be the first human furry to get their head bitten off by a robot cow (Moo, the webmaster)!


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    Hi! You're cute! (The pink bow. )

    Ooh, boy. You're gonna get on just fine here, I can tell.. Unless you're lying about something. Even if it's something small, it'll get you banned if you get caught. (Not that I'm accusing you of anything).

    Out of your extensive introduction, one thing that stuck with me was your surprise at finding that there was an "asexual" option.

    It reminded me of when I first joined ADISC, and how surprised I was when I saw a "Transgendered" option. That option is what really made me decide to go ahead and join. ^_^

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    wow... that sounds ALOT like my, the white hatter turned half black hatter [grey hatter]
    as i build computers, use my immense knowledge to help people solve problems on their computers, and that sort of stuff.

    im very well known in my school for my computer knowledge and also for my evil attacks on people technology when they piss me off

    well enjoy your stay here at adisc fellow arctic ranger. (i'm an arctic fox )

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    Welcome to ADISC! I know of a few websites that could use your expertise!
    In any event have fun being part of this cool community!
    ~ Will =)

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    Haha, thanks for the welcomes, guys. It's greatly appreciated.

    I would never think of hacking this site. I wouldn't gain anything from it, and a lot of people would lose stuff from it.. I'm not like that, hehe.

    And thanks to the people that said I'm cute. My avatar was made by a certain "StrawberryNeko" on FA. She's wonderful. Now if I could only look like that IRL.

    But do note that my fursona, more often than not, is depicted as a 22 year old male. I just thought my littlefur picture would be more suited here.

    Anyways, see you guys around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalieghFhang View Post
    But do note that my fursona, more often than not, is depicted as a 22 year old male. I just thought my littlefur picture would be more suited here.
    Hmm...that doesn't happen often, a fursona older than the actual person. But I guess if you can make your fursona younger, you can also make it older if desired. Any particular reason for that?


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    I have a weird reason.

    I, personally, judge people by their maturity, and never by their age. I find myself at a higher maturity level than my physical age is.

    So, to accommodate for that, I depict my fursona as a little bit older, so when RP'ing or simply chatting, people get a better feel for how I really act.

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