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Thread: Does anyone know where I can buy follow-me eyes for my fursuit?

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    Smile Does anyone know where I can buy follow-me eyes for my fursuit?

    I know there are other forums on other sites for this type of question, but I thought I would try here first since I am registered. Anyways does anyone know where I can buy follow-me type eyes, or any other realistic type eyes for my fursuit? Such as a website where I can order a pair? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Look at that link to the livejournal I gave you on your other thread. Actually read the full thing. If you pay attention there are links there, discussions, suggestions, etc. I do remember a link there that explained where to buy eyes for a fursuit. Check~


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    I don't know anything about the whole process, but this page seemed like a good one. It's probably one of the destinations from the link Sila gave you considering they're both Livejournal.

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    You could commission a Fursuit maker to cst you some follow me Eyes, The person who made my suit uses a resin molding for her eyes. you can try her at Komic krazi Studios: Art and costuming and ask her on her costume webpage. I hope this helps and I hope your suit turns out well

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