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Thread: has anyone seen this

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    Default has anyone seen this

    Has anyone seen this video on youtube YouTube - CRAZY NY BABY and
    I just barely found it on youtube it and think that it makes the *bdl community look bad does anyone else have an opinion on this?

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    no i havent seen it yet and i think honestly that was partly staged,

    really not good the abdl community but there are people like that out there

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    They're from a website called; I had stumbled across them a few months ago. Little hokey if you ask me.


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    To me I think it another thing that make us look like bunch freak I wish people would stop this.

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    You can tell the second one was staged, because the black guys were telling him to leave, but not the camera person.... The camera person would be the first person kicked out of a store.... (I think that's what happened... I have no sound...)

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    Okay, that was stupid. I think most people just saw it as something to mess with people because of the camera, like one of the random shows that people have where they try to see people's reactions from being exposed to something stupid (ex: Jackass, where they dressed like pandas in Asia). I don't think any of them know or care about the *B/DL community.

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    WTF. Dont think any AB would really want to portray that image to the world.

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    I really wish people wouldnt do that in public, it kind of makes me feel like it gives us bad rep and makes me feel akwarded out.

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