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Thread: Gee, but it's great to be back home!

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    Default Gee, but it's great to be back home!

    Back after our two week trip to the Olympic Peninsula! Had a great time and have about three hours of silent 8mm home movies for your enjoyment.

    First off, here is the Catamaran Sailing Regatta (That we did not know was scheduled until we got there) on Quinalt Lake held the first weekend we arrived. As a result there were no campsites available at the lake. We traveled 11 miles south on US 101 and found a (free) campground on Bear Creek. Promised Land Campground provided by a timber company, it had running water and unlimited free campfire wood. What a score! We stayed 5 nights. The only down side - I forgot or lost my binkie and had some trouble sleeping, i mentioned it to my wife and she said we always need to have a back up binkie - which she bought for me later in the trip. Wow!

    Next, we traveled to the Hoh River, deep in the rainforest. Found another awesome free campground Minnie Peterson provided by Washington DNR. We traveled to Forks, WA daily to shower at a local motel. (Oh, roughing it DR style is such an art).

    While there, we explored Forks, WA (Home of the Twilight Series) It's just as I remember the town to be from 17 years earlier. Still the butt-hole of the peninsula, except now its full of young vampire wannabe tourists. One day we went to La-Push an indian reservation town on the Pacific Ocean. The beach was wonderful.

    Next free campsite was on the Upper Peninsula at Bear Camp Campground (Washington DNR) about 20 miles north of Forks. From there we visited Lake Ozette (Olympic National Park) and Neah Bay (Makah Indian Nation) and Cape Flattery (The furthest NW point in the lower 48 states). The scenery was spectacular, almost rivaling the Oregon Coast.

    We spent another day at Lake Cresent, The day warm and we swam and picnicked on a secluded beach we found. Then we drove around the East Beach and over the mountains to the Straight of Juan De Fuca. We had spectacular views of Vancouver Island and stopped at a beach where locals were fishing with nets from the shore for smelt.

    Our next trek from there was Sol Duc Hot Springs (Olympic National Park). We soaked in the hot tubs and swam in the pool located 30 miles in from US 101.

    Clouds and rain had set in by this time, so camping was a bit uncomfortable at this point. We drove up to Port Angeles to email the cottage owner in Port Townsend, to see if we could reserve more days at the cottage. Finally back in civilization, found a couple of thrift stores. Scored 5 packs of Tranquility Top Liner Boosters for $15.

    More later today. - DR

    When we got to Port Townsend we had an awesome cedar cottage for 5 nights with a 6X8 sauna and a private back deck/yard and a view of the bay. The first night was just to recoup from 11 nights primitive camping. I say primitive actually had a King size air bed toped with a feather bed, fleece sheets and down comforters. (I love a cosy bed).

    While there we ventured to Victoria, BC, Canada, across the San Juan Islands by ferry to Anacortes, WA, through Whidbey Island and back to Port Townsend by ferry.

    We also visited Old Fort Townsend, Sequim and Dungeness Spit, a national wildlife recreation area.

    On our trip home we drove along the Hood Canal to Olympia, WA. and then back to Southern Oregon via I-5.
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    Nice quote! I love Simon and Garfunkel!! Anyway, congrats on the Tranquility score.

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    wb from me also, well done on the whole trip: and yay thrift stores

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    Sounds like you had a pretty good time. ^^ Welcome back.

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    One of my very early childhood memories involves a visit to Sol Duc hotsprings. Also fairly familiar with Neah Bay. Glad to hear you had a good time and got back safely

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