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  • Pampers

    63 58.33%
  • Huggies

    21 19.44%
  • Luvs

    17 15.74%
  • Other...specify in post

    7 6.48%
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Thread: OK.... lets settle diaper brands

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    Default OK.... lets settle diaper brands

    which baby diaper brand is the best.......?? your fav?

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    their smell, the way the brand name has replaced the generic word, "Diaper" in my household, the fact they offer Size 7, ahhh :3
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    I always liked Luvs, nothing specifically about the diaper, just a cute name. Plus they're the first baby diapers I bought to use as stuffers.

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    The Luvs pads are thin, quiet, discrete, and have the best deodorizing properties of all the brands. The are also the least irritating when used properly. I have yet to see a better system for light incontinence on the market.


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    Huggies. If they hadn't invented Drynites, Id still have never had a diaper.

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    Pampers! They will always be my favorite.

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    Simply because they are purple. The stretchy sides are a nice addition, too.

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    Default Well

    In Singapore where I grew up until about 17 Pampers was a favourite

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    i love all brand baby diaper...i wish i still can wear baby diaper again...because in my country don't have baby diaper can fit my size

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