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Thread: Your views in other fetishes?

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    Default Your views in other fetishes?

    I'm a diaper lover. I've always been. However rescently I've felt attracted to inflatable toys, like pooltoys and such. I don't do anything "wrong" with them, I just hug them.

    I know that sounds weird, and else. I feel the same, but I tell myself, well at least people don't feel threatened with balloons as they do with diapers. I'm just confused now, and I'm trying to get answers for a question I can't make XP

    Anyway, just wanted opinions.

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    O...K then.

    Dude, you like diapers. Not much is weirder than that. I don't understand the thing about pool toys at all, but it's not like we think you're weird for it or anything.

    ...right guys?


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    It's whatever floats your boat dude

    There's nothing wrong with hugging pool toys as far as I know. No one's ever going to condemn you for hugging an inflatable toy. The only thing I can really say to this is that it's okay and be yourself.

    Same regards to other fetishes (if that is what you are asking as well). As long as you're safe and you aren't harming your body or others around you, there is nothing wrong with it.

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    i say if it don't hurt any one or any animals than go for it. i think any fetish is ok as long as no one is hurt (unless you want to be hurt) and it doesn't include real animals, or children, and is kept private for the most part

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asher View Post
    It's whatever floats your boat dude
    More like 'whatever floats'.

    Inflatable pool toys can be fun and I guess it kind of ties in with infantilism a bit. They're bouncey and whatnot as well. ^_^;;

    But yeah, I doubt anyone here will think it's weird.

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    I am into diapers, someone else may be into balloons.
    That said we should all leave each other vices alone. Unless it involves kids,rape etc in which case it would be a crime anyhow.

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    Gah! Pool toys..... Pool...... That makes me sad since my swimming season is over. D:

    Anyways hugging pool toys dose sound like fun. I think im going to try it next time i see one. ^-^

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    Inflatables its more well known fetish compared to most. I don't really see what's the problem though. If you're into something, then more power to you.

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    I don't care whoever anybody's lovin or whatever anybody's humpin. What I don't get is that even people here that hate that being a diaper lover is turned down upon in our society hate on other fetishes. Just be yourself. I just don't give a fuck.

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    i think it was said above but i got to say it again. to each there own, i wont ush my fetishes onto you so please respect that.

    now that that is said. the only one that i really dont understand is the balloon fetish. aslong as it's not hurting anyone else i really dont see what the problem is, but there are some people that do show off there fetish to the world.

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