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Thread: Don't we all?

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    Default Don't we all?

    I was playing Super Smash Bros on the N64 and I thought "Isn't Metal Mario the biggest prick in this game?"

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    Erm......perhaps you should put this in the computer games section. But anyways meatal enemeys are always, lets just say "jerks" simple trick. just throw them there not worth trying to damage and they fall to fast.

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    Oh, you're right!!! Wrong section, sorry. It's after 5 and I'm tired lol Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll get Falcon now.

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    Metals are easy you have to choices damage it past 300 and knock it way off or inch it off at the start.

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    xD Yeah, I always inch it off. It's just a pain in the ass, having to beat the game in 20 minutes. I can totally own everyone aside from the metals and polygons. It's a family curse lol

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    The fighting polygon team is MUCH harder to beat without losing stock on "Very Hard".

    Metal Mario can cause problems, but if you stick to a strategy of attacking with your longest reaching moves and then running away before he hits back, it's not all that hard. Remember: the downside to Metal Mario's "metal-ness" is the fact that he's slower than Dick Cheney disclosing secret torture programs.

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    Oh yes! I remember him, and the polygons as being annoying opponents.

    Older N64 games were significantly more difficult than today's games.

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    Every old game was way harder than todays games ... I still can't get past level 13 of Galaga and I've been playing that for 15 or so years. That machine has so many of my quarters in it's belly.

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    It sucks harder in mele when you have to fight metal mario and luigi. That's pain.

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