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Thread: Share Your Embarrassing Stories

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    This happened a few weeks ago, it's funny now but it wasn't at the time. LOL!

    I had gone out to feed the dog and rabbits, then I hop in my truck and head down to the barn. I fed, groomed, and fly sprayed my two horses then stood scratching their itchy spots. I suddenly felt the urge to pee with no pre warning of needing to use the bathroom so I trotted off to my truck and drove the short 200 yards to the house. I rolled out of my truck, took 3 steps, and the urge hit again...hard. I was in so much pain from it I couldn't move so I stood there doubled over, legs crossed, trying to keep control. No such luck. I ended up wetting my pants in my own darn front yard! I have weak bladder muscles so I've have my fair share of accidents and often wear pull-ups during the day but this one was different and I had not bothered with a diaper since I was just going to my barn. Come to find out I had a very bad UTI which resulted in NO bladder control what-so-ever for nearly a week.

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    UTI's really do suck....I have a similar story except i was in a fast food joint...same thing happened to me

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    The toughest part is when you're out and about, then you feel an extremely sharp pain in your gut. Unable to reach the facility on time, you unfortunately suffer a discharge. But, you still have to do the best you can to hold it in. The protection helps, but there's the discomfort and the acid you have to deal with after. And the fact that protection is worn, and and it's usually worn most often when these accidents don't occur, it makes for extreme difficulty feeling accepted by others. It's hard enough when the person wearing is away from the public, but this can be a career killer in a work setting.


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    I have had both bladder and bowel incontinence for as long as I can remember, but I only started wearing 24/7 about 6.5 years ago. Prior to that I wore diapers while traveling, at night or doing something where I wasn't close to a toilet. I have lot's of embarrassing stories, but I'll relate one.

    Some time ago, my wife and I were in a busy airport on vacation. She needed to go to the bathroom so I stood out in the concourse watching our luggage. We had too much to carry into the restrooms. I needed to change my Depends, but I figured it could wait until she got back. Anyway, as I was watching lot's of people stream by, the urge hit me and I started wetting the Depends. Lesson # 519 - when traveling always wear a very absorbent diaper. The diaper started leaking and urine streamed down my leg while people walked by me. I tried hard to act like nothing unusual was happening. Lucky me, I had worn dark athletic pants with two layers so the extra pee mostly soaked the inside layer. However, I did have wet spots on my pants for everyone to see. When she finally came back I went into the Men's room and had fortunately packed a second pair of bottoms in my backpack to change into. So, three tips when traveling. Wear a really absorbent diaper. darker pants and bring an extra set of clothes, just in case.

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    One of my most embarresing momemts was when I went to Home Depot. My pockets were full of what I had gone to buy. There was one item though that I needed and it was on the top shelf. When I reached for it my shorts fell to the floor exposing the fact that I was wearing diapers and plastic pants to everybody in the isle. Astore worker got the item down for me and never said a word about my diapers

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    most embarrassing, was not too bad, my wife and I were out for a walk with the dog, went through one of the larger parks, I was wetting slowly as we went thinking i would be fine. Well, here comes a nice spot to sit among some huge trees, we hang out for a bit, dog runs around, we decide to continue on home and when i get up there is a huge wet butt print on the bench...and that means the seat of my short are soaked, She just looked at the big wet spot, looked at me with a grin and said let's head home now. i didn't have to pass to many people but it was nerve racking all the way hone because you could see my nice wet butt from a mile off. I had support so it wasn't so bad. since then I've not pushed that envelope so much when out, a long way from home, on foot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperdave View Post
    One of my most embarresing momemts was when I went to Home Depot. My pockets were full of what I had gone to buy. There was one item though that I needed and it was on the top shelf. When I reached for it my shorts fell to the floor exposing the fact that I was wearing diapers and plastic pants to everybody in the isle. Astore worker got the item down for me and never said a word about my diapers
    That's for putting stuff in your pockets.

    It's really a bad habbit to stuff items not yet yours in your pockets.
    I once worked as a store detective and people doing this kept me buzy. Most of them did not pay for what they took though and they ended up handcuffed in my office.

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    Probably the worst was leaking badly at a local restaurant. I had wet before I had entered the place so I was already really wet. As I ate the meal I wet yet again and that was the end of the absorbency. I realized this pretty quickly but did my best to not let on that something was amiss. Thankfully I was wearing black jeans but Iím quite certain that it was perfectly obvious that I had soaked myself as I walked out. In private I donít mind a leak or two but in public I expect those around me to have nary an idea that I might have a diaper on.
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    wet spots happen to me fairly regularly. sometimes its hard to tell. about the worst one i had was soaking the drivers seat of someone elses car. and not even knowing it until i got up.

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    Two embarrassing stories that happened last year.

    1st: It was at the hospital. I had to undergo a coloscopy, first I had to take an enema, in a four beds bedroom with only a curtain separating me from the 3 other guys. Really embarrassing (above all the other people in the room weren't there for the same thing than me, I was the only one to be there for gastroenterology)
    Then later that day, I was waiting for the exam to begin, alone in the room next to the surgery room, laying in bed, on IV. Then suddenly a cramp hit me and at the same time, I messed myself a little bit. Thanks to the enema I got earlier! (sarcasm!) I was so astonished/shocked that I didn't know what to do. When I decided to call a nurse to help me, I realised there were no bell. Luckily there were a disposable bed mat under me, so I managed to jump off the bed, wiped my behind with the bedmat, threw it in the garbage and then went back to bed, waiting for my doc to come and fetch me to do the exam, fearing another accident would happen. I felt horrible, my hospital gown had a little stain on it, I felt messy as I couldn't wash myself (there were nothing to clean me in that room, NOTHING) I was really pissed off but felt so ashamed I didn't want to complain.

    2nd: I was at work (!), when I had once again a little accident, I soiled my briefs. Luckily it was almost noon so I went to the bathroom, took my undies off, cleaned myself, put my pants back on -commando- then went back to work untill lunch, only then I was able to go to the first clothing store I saw to buy new underpants. I felt really embarrassed to have to come back home with a plastic bag with my soiled undies. I felt like a toddler. Once again I was lucky because it didn't show on my pants.

    Let me explain to you that I am not incontinent, these accidents happened to me only because of Crohn's dicease.

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