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Thread: Interesting Encounter with drunken trouble makers (pulling away from McD's at 1AM!)

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    Default Interesting Encounter with drunken trouble makers (pulling away from McD's at 1AM!)

    So, I'm sitting at the drive thru ordering when I notice what's going on at the second window. There's a Toyota pulled up as if they're waiting for food, with a fat latino guy driving. At the window there's this hobo-ish looking black guy who's stumbling over himself piss-drunk, screaming "GIMMEH MAH CHEEEEEEEEESEBUGGA BITCH!". The guy lights a cigarette and then attempts to half-way *climb* into the service window! The second-hand smoke from the cigarette was getting everywhere, the lady trying to get him to get out telling him "no smoke no smoke!!!!".

    The lady at the window didn't speak English well, she pulled out her cell phone -- presumably to call the cops on this freak. The lady motioned for the driver to get the cheeseburger. The guy, rolling his eyes (you could see the tention in his shoulders as if the guy was giving him problems) gets out of the car and grabs the bag. He gets back in the car, and honks for the drunk to get in the car. It takes the guy literally 2 or so minutes to walk over to the damned car which is like not even 10 feet away from where he was standing, and he opens the door. He's about half way getting in the car when he slowly looses his balance -- falls out of the car onto his back, spilling his booze all over him.

    The passenger door still open, the latino driver (with the guy on the ground!) hits the gas, which shuts the door and he takes off out of the parking lot, leaving the drunk laying on the floor half-awake in the middle of the exit ramp from the drive through. 30 seconds of horn-blaring got him to *roll over* to the side of the ramp enough for me to pull out and drive away. The guy just layed there staring up at the sky -- looking back behind me I see the girl at the second window on her phone, probably with the cops.

    so, yay, a bit of funny story from a city folk.

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    Ohhhh man, too good. Late night Maccas runs always provide some epic stories.

    A friend an I were heading home from a big night out in the city on the bus, but we decided to get off at an earlier stop and grab some McDonalds from the one that's on the way, hoping it was a 24 hour one. We got off the bus and could only hear that WOOMP WOOMP you get from subwoofers. We cross the street into the carpark and we see, literally, a crowd 200 strong raving to music some guy was cranking from the back of his car.

    3 o'clock in the morning... That particular McDonalds wasn't even open at that time!

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    I work a lot of midnights / or am up writing last minute papers, and that's pretty much the only place open at 3am when you want some food. I've seen some crazy stuff go down there lol.

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    Meh some nut job around here lit a 7 eleven trash can on fire. Another almost ran into a 7 eleven. I once saw some drunk drive on the sidewalk for about a good 300 feet

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    It's worse when the drunk folks stumble across a 2-lane major road in the middle of the night and decide to lay down for a nap in front of your car. You actually have to go through the trouble of reversing and using the other land. Not like I care if anyone coming down the road at the usual speed of 60 (kmph) is going to see the drunk napping idiot in time to hit the breaks.


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    Nice story. I've got one too.

    After a hard night of partying there is nothing better than some fast food. So after one particular motel party got busted by the cops, me and a couple of other people headed for the nearest McD's. The only part of it that's open 24 hours though, is the drivethrough. None of us had cash, but we all had our debit cards. So instead of doing the sensible thing (ordering at the drive through, indicating they are all seperate orders, and paying at the window seperately), we went through the drive through 4-5 times, so every person could order something and then pay for it with debit.

    Also, I don't usually like mcdonals, but that was the best damn big mac I've ever had.

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    Little ollie


    Try being the one who has to serve them. I worked at a 24/7 mc donalds and I did friday and saturday nights, lets just say you want to kill people.

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    Once me and my dad walked into McD's and the woman working at the counter kept laughing and looking into the kitchen. She wasn't even paying attention to the people taking orders.

    Then she runs off into the back, leaving a whole line of customers (including us), then someone in the kitchen starts screaming, "Put down that knife, David! Put it down!!!" We couldn't see from where we were standing, but we just left the place.

    McD's is just... dunno.

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    When I lived in Ohio, I built and raced a car with another friend who had a sweet '69 'Cuda, red. One night I was riding in his car and we were stopped at a light. Some drunk bumped into the 'Cuda. Now my friend had recently returned from Viet Nam, had a purple heart, and was a sniper. He had a very short fuse and was quite deadly, as people go.

    He walked up to the guy who hit us, and the guy was completely drunk behind the wheel. My friend open his door, yanked the guy out, punched his lights out with one punch, and threw the guy back in his car. He then backed his car out of the way and went back to the now knocked out drunk. He took the drunk's foot and put it on the accelerator causing the guy's car to drive forward, right into the middle of a median as we were on a boulevard.

    It must have been interesting when the police found this guy stalled in the middle of a grassy median.

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