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Thread: Childhood Trauma and its Effects

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    Lightbulb Childhood Trauma and its Effects

    There reason I have decided to make this thread is well, for a few different reasons actually. One because I want to make Childhood trauma, specially childhood abuse, more understood by our community. There is a great misunderstanding here about it I have come to see. I know that there is a great misunderstanding about it because of when I have posted about it, everytime I am shot down by people on here trying to discredit it, saying it is not true or whatever. So that is my second reason for making this to show I am not just making this up.
    The main post the inspired this thread was the post I made in the Diaper Forum in the thread "Someone should make a forum..", where I stated in one of my posts....
    "We know that sexual abuse causes homosexuality with most sexual abused people, so there has got to be something specific about us."
    Now i got A LOT of negative responses from this comment. Now I do regret saying it so vaguely with no description, and no sources cited, but I do NOT regret saying it because it is a very true statement. Which I am about to prove to everyone why it is true that sexual abuse can cause homosexuality.
    So first here is a video from youtube of the Tyra's show where she has Dr. Drew Pinksy s a geust answering a few qeustions about a female teen prostitute they have on the show. Dr. Drew is a Board Certified Physician and Addiction Medical Specialist, plus the host of Loveline Radio show which was once on MTV for a couple of years and has been on the radio since 1986! So Drew is VERY experianced doctor not in just physical medical conditions but of mental conditions. Watch video before finish reading this post/thread!

    Now make sure you watch the ENTIRE VIDEO and read everything I said BEFORE responding. The whole video is important but here is the main part that I have typed up, in which I want you to focus most of your attention on...(the bold print is what is helping prove my point)
    Tyra: “How can someone at 14 years old….why would they turn to prostitution?”

    Dr. Drew: “You been asking that question of these young ladies, they are such bright young people, and you wonder what they could be thinking to make them do this. In fact when it comes to aggressive self destructive acting out, their thinking about it is always distorted, their justifying their behaviors. But the reality is, particularly in Victoria’s case, every case I have dealt with like hers, there is always some antecedent history of sexual trauma, typically sexually abuse. The extraordinary thing about humans is when things are terrorizing to us and overwhelming in childhood, they become immensely attractive when we hit puberty. So there is actually a drive to reenact those things, as though there is some mastery over those, by putting yourself back in that setting of explortation.”

    Tyra: “Have you been sexually abused?”

    Victoria: “Yeah, when I was 5 years old.”

    Tyra: “When you were 5 years old? Dr. Drew your always right!”

    Dr. Drew: “You know when it becomes to this extreme behavior, that are so disruptive and they do not make sense, but people always asking how could this be? There is always something there, as you mentioned, a why driving it. It’s not rational! These aren’t rational things, these are motivation systems that get set up early in life, and drive them back into those circumstances of exploitation. Their perception is, that they are in control of it, their reenacting it, gaining mastery, and gaining control of it, but in fact they are just compulsively reenacting the same thing over and over again.”

    Now I know the very first thing you all are thinking...that it does not say one thing about homosexuality. I am greatly aware of this, but that is the beauty of this theory Dr. Drew has just spoke about. Overall Dr. Drew is saying that ANY traumatic childhood abuse (specially sexual abuse) effects a humans brain chemistry and the way they think, in which this becomes noticable by the time the child hits puberty. Now in this girls case she was sexually abuse by a guy at 5 years old, the effect this has had on her is she seeks to be sexually seducted over and over again by other stranger males, just like she was sexually seducted by a male stranger at 5 years old, so she reenacts this by being a prostitute. By doing this she is trying to "master" this traumatic event, showing herself she has control over it, and controls when it happens, how it happens, and ect. It changes her rationality of thinking logically. Now this can apply to homosexual abuse and soooo many other types of abuse as well. Being abused from the same sex/gender would cause a child to think unrational and make them reenact the traumtic event just like this girl and every other abuse victim does, by turning homosexual/bisexual and reenacting this traumitic event, by having same sex partners, acting out homosexual actions, as if the brain is trying to master and conquer this traumtic event, to show that they have CONTROL over the event, even though they really did not when it happened.

    So no matter what type of traumatic childhood event(s) happened in life, it is going to manifest and effect the child when they grow older. Pretty much everytime with the child going back an acting out the same actions that happened to them. (not saying it would make them abuse little kids, your way missing the point if thats what you got from this.)

    So please post your opinion or expeirances on this topic. Also if you still do not understand the point I am trying to make please post that so I can try to make it more clear.

    Also I am NOT trying to offend or discriminate any homosexuals, or prostitutes or anyone! I am trying to create a better understanding for everyone here because I know we have a large homosexual/bisexual population here. Just trying to show you there is PLENTY of evidence and proof that this theory is true all around us.

    Oh yes I want to add one last thing in supporting this theory, I have listened to Dr. Drew's show Loveline for many years, as long as I have known about my infantilism, which makes me listening to it for about 8 years now. Every single time someone called in who has sexually abused someone else, or is homosexual/bisexual, Dr. Drew always asks, so when were you abused? Like 99% of the time, the person would say yes they have been abused, most of the time sexually, and if not sexually then physically. Very few times someone would deny any abuse which was less than 1% of the time, but I beleive either they were lying, and is not lying they just do not remember it. Cause it is possible to be physically or sexually abused and not remember it but for it to still negatively affect you, if it happened at 5 years old or younger.
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    First off, you're extrapolating from Dr. Pinsky's comments that homosexuality falls into the same category of negative behavior as the other things that he was actually talking about. I haven't ever been a religious listener of Loveline, but I don't recall him ever making that particular leap. Abuse does frequently seem present in people's history when they're engaged in negative behaviors, but I don't see how homosexuality fits.

    I think you're on really shaky ground to insist that people who don't remember abuse are repressing it. Intrinsically insulting even though I know that's not your intent. I don't recall reading anything on repressed/recovered memories that was supportive of their validity.

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    Well anyways I typed out the main point from the video that I wanted to be made. So the video is not exactly nessacary it was just a proof of citing.
    As for never hearing about Dr. Drew make that connection with homosexuality and abuse before, then it is obvious you have listened to very very few of their shows. Well if you all are not going to beleive this theory then I am not going to push the issue, cause I am not trying to start anything, but it is a common theory among Doctors whether you believe it or not. Seems the community is not being open minded enough to accept this so it would be rude to keep on with it. Although if your still intrested in the topic, research it yourself, you will see sexual abuse causes very serious stuff, and theres no set reaction it always varies of course from person to person. Just go to google and search for "sexual abuse effects" you will get stuff backing up all the stuff I have said. I one of the commonly listed symptoms was sexual dysfunction which can mean, confusion of sexual orientation, sexual compulsion, sexual avoidance, like I said it all depends on the person and situation at hand.

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    No offense, but...I believe your Dr Drew about as much as I believe anything Dr Phil other words, not bloody much.

    Doctors who feel it's necessary to promote themselves through radio/television don't hold much sway with me. I wonder if they have any integrity at all, for they certainly have no morals displaying (alleged) people with problems in this way.

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    Again stated, the video is no longer available.

    ON another point, I see where you might be getting all of this. But what I really think is that you just making links between certain things. But there is always the possibility of making the wrong connections. But that's how all guess and check things work. Which is basically what you are doing in my opinion.

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    The reason the vid doesn't work is because embedding is disabled, watch it on youtube and it's fine.

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    You're sounding a good deal more certain than Dr. Pinsky himself:

    It's certainly okay to ask the question and check the data, but when you start telling people why they are a certain way, you best tread pretty carefully. Personally, I think there are enough variations just within infantilism that the cause need not be singular, much less homosexuality. This isn't really a single thing, it's a continuum of behaviors that can be broadly grouped under certain umbrellas for convenience sake.

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    First off, you lose a ton of creditability in using a tertiary source of information for your argument. If you would show us a primary, peer-researched, article or study, you would be on a lot more solid ground in swaying me with your arguments.

    Second, I would say that there is a lot of research saying that homosexuality is genetic, or people are inherently hetero or homo. Homosexuality exists in animals, and animals really don't have sexually abuse (to my knowledge). So in my mind Homosexuality is as much a part of the person as the color of their eyes. I would also question if the abuse happened because of homosexuality, not that abuse caused homosexuality.

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